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Stylist Laurie B shines her light

Recently, I’ve been finding myself getting overwhelmed.

Facing overwhelm

As many of you know, I just launched a book, which is incredibly exciting, but so, so busy!! I have been doing press, publicity and promotions almost daily, requiring that I’m on my A-game in front of the camera. Also, I’m navigating logistics of a book launch, including getting books from the publisher. Not to mention, I’m a mom with a busy toddler! All of this has me burning the candle at both ends in my personal and professional life. 

At the same time, there is so much happening in the world, pulling my attention. One of the hardest challenges I face when there is so much around me that needs help is choosing what to focus on. I’m a giver and a helper! I want to help it all, but that often ends up feeling overwhelming, too. 

When do I shine?

In these moments, I take a step back and think about what makes me my highest self. When do I shine? When do I step into the woman I know I am, but actually become her, fully, embodied, empowered and inspired? ⁣I’ve uncovered a few things recently that give me that feeling. ⁣

I shine when I am speaking my truth.

I shine when I am standing in my powerful gift of lifting other women up. 

I shine when I am sharing, empowering and encouraging women to stand in their own self-expression. 

Giving women permission to take on the ownership of who they are, and then teaching them how to share that with the world around them makes me feel like my highest self. ⁣

⁣The strength of how I shine is directly related to the platform I stand on. Whether it’s on a stage speaking to women about how to use their style as a key to unlock the life they are working toward manifesting, or on camera teaching style techniques that are aspirational, yet totally attainable.

I teach to inspire. I am inspired to teach. 

It’s where I found my heart-center, and it’s where I plan to grow from here on out. ⁣

Using my powers for good

I use this power to pick one or two things I can focus on right now. In my business, it’s focusing on getting this book launched and recognizing what is in my control. In the larger world, I choose one or two causes that really burn my soul, and I focus on socially acting and supporting them. Right now it’s fighting anti-racism and helping our younger generation of girls learn to use their style and self-expression to show up and shine.

So, in these moments of feeling totally overwhelmed, I tap back into this center and bring my attention to what I can control.  I focus on where I shine and what brings me joy, and I get to work bringing that shine to the world! 

Finding your shine

When you feel totally underwater, it’s important to take a step back. Take a deep breath in and a deep breath out, releasing all of the things making you feel dull. Then, tap into the things that make you shine like the brightest star you are. And, yes — style is one of them! 

When you harness your power through style, you are showing the world that you can conquer anything that the world throws your way. 

So go forth and shine! 

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