Style has always been a big apart of my life. It’s the tool I use to pick myself up and push myself forward. And, personally, it’s something that I need today more than ever. And I want to share that mentality and mindset with you as we embark on some seriously uncertain times. Whatever side of the spectrum you sit on, America is about to make a big change. While some may be rejoicing in the new leadership to our country, I for one find myself in disbelief.  Disbelief that the divide in our country is so thick and growing further; that the pain in our country is so deep and cutting deeper; that the space between truth and lies gets more and more muddy; and that hate has risen taken a page from the frivolous campaign rhetoric of our new commander-in-chief.

But I do believe in people. And I believe in the power of action, communication, openness, positive impact and love. I also believe in the power of being a woman. I believe in women as a collective.  We are fierce beings, and 2017 was made for conquering.

But if you’re like me, I feel heavy, weighted and sad while looking for truth, information, education and a light amidst the darker days.  And for many it may feel like that for days and years to come.   So with that, I offer my expertise and advice to get through it all.  Here’s the solution that can affect each and everyday you get out of bed.  It’s styleIt’s honoring your style and, most importantly, honoring yourself.

For so many, when we are feeling bad, or down, or sad, we tend to style ourselves in something that is dark, comfortable and covers up our bodies. But 2017 is not the year to diminish yourself.  It is the year to empower yourself.  It is the year to empower the people and the women around you.

And you want to know how to do that?  No matter how you are feeling, each and every morning you have a choice: to let your sad emotions direct how you express yourself and put yourself into the world, or to push through your pain and put on an outfit that lifts you up, empowers you and inspires others around you to do the same.  This is the power of style.  So you better get used to getting uncomfortable–today, tomorrow when you march, and every day there on after: empower yourself! Honor yourself by putting on clothes that make you feel like you can take over the world.  This is the mentality we all need to adopt as we march every day, fighting for what we all believe in.  But first you must believe in yourself.

Dress the woman you want to be (the woman I know you are!). Empower her and energize her!  Then take to the streets every day with your head held high, with love in your heart, with compassion and kindness for others who have a difference of opinion, and with a mission to make your world and the world around you more inspired, more empowered, and brighter for everyone.  Together we can!

And today is the perfect day to start.