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The holidays are almost upon us–so let’s discuss one of my favorite things: sparkle! Do you LOVE your holiday sparkles so much that you want to wear them everyday? Me, too!

That’s why I’m sharing a few of my very favorite tricks for showing your sequins the love they deserve while still keeping it casual–because wearing your head-to-toe sequin holiday dress might be overdoing it just a tad for an everyday look.

So let’s get glittery! You definitely can mix your dressy with your casual and make it look effortless. My No. 1 tip: make the sequin item your focal point, but ensure the rest of your outfit tells a cohesive story. Ripped jeans and Chucks gives your ensemble a laid-back, “devil-may-care” vibe, while pairing your sparkle with some adorable booties and a flannel or chambray button-down shirt brings out your inner bohemian.

Another fun way to add sparkle to any outfit at any time of day is in your accessories. You know that fabulous sequin clutch you’ve been dying to break out? Take it with you to lunch with your girlfriends, or on a movie date. Collars, detailing on sleeves, metallic thread, jewelry, belts and scarves are other ways to give your ensemble a touch of sparkle.

Let’s take a look at some specific examples below.


 J. Crew

A tonal sequin keeps everything subtle, which is what makes this sweater so killer. Add a plaid flannel and some cuffed jeans and you’ve got an outfit. You could also add a bootie, some layering necklaces, and handful of rings to make this look a little more boho!


 via fashfrenz.blogspot.com

This one errs on the dressier side, but wouldn’t your date drop dead to see you in a belted peplum top, sequin pants and some gorgeous strappy heels?! For those of you who don’t enjoy an 80-degree winter like my fellow Angelenos, try a bulky sweater and some combat boots. This will instantly make this look cozy, laid-back and super-chic.


via sondurummoda.com

Remember those details I was talking about? Here’s a fun example of some sequin elbow patches. They definitely add some zest to the outfit without being overpowering. This is a great place to start for those of you who are just beginning to experiment with the “everyday sequin.”



 via  alaceyperspective.com

And of course I can’t leave out a midi skirt. Pair a sequin midi with a solid sweater and a printed scarf to take the look down a notch. Try it out at dinner with your parents or a movie with your sister. Replace the scarf with some dramatic jewels and amp up the heels for a stunning party look.

See how many ways there are to make sequins work for you every day? Trust me, it’s so much fun! Here’s to bringing even more #stylepowerment to your holiday style.