Can you believe we’re in the thick of the holiday season and 2017 is almost over?! I can’t. And I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to 2018. It’s no secret that this has been a tough year, and I’m so ready for the blank slate of a new year.

But! That being said, 2017 did teach me a lot. It taught me how to communicate better with my friends and family. It took me overseas to Israel and Greece for the trips of a lifetime. It reminded me how important giving to others is, and how important it is to find gratitude even when times are tough.

And of course, I got MARRIED this year! (photos to come!  Soon – I swear!)  But, looking back at our wedding and engagement photos always makes me break into a huge smile.  It all happened so slowly and so fast at the same time.

So today I thought I’d take a look back at some of my favorite and top style and inspiration blog posts of 2017. It was a fun walk down memory lane and I hope you found some positive thoughts and, of course, style inspiration in these posts, too, whether you’re reading them again or for the first time.

How to Find Gratitude During Tough Times

Finding gratitude during tough times is the muscle I’d like to continue to grow.

Why Fashion Matters Now More Than Ever

Believe it or not, fashion matters now more than that it ever has.

Spreading Infectious Love—Our Engagement Shoot Reveal!

Our engagement photos mean so much to me, especially today.  They are the perfect reminder that no matter what is happening around us, there is true love in this world and we all deserve to have it in our lives.

Style With Heart: Where to Donate Your Clothes 

How to help others by donating your clothes—and my favorite resources.

Life, Love and Style in Greece 

My photo diary from my trip to Greece!

What I Learned (and What I Wore) in Tel Aviv! 

Here’s what I wore in Tel Aviv–and what I learned from doing a photo shoot halfway around the world.

Changing My Hair Color Changed My Perspective 

How an unplanned hair change completely shifted my perception of myself.

The Secret Sauce to Style 

Lady Gaga’s response to her body shamers reminded me of an important lesson about style.

Use Style to Empower Yourself During Uncertain Times 

Put on an outfit that lifts you up, empowers you and inspires others around you to do the same. This is the power of style.

Laurie Brucker stylist

Five Ways to Inspire Your Morning Style 

My simple tricks for creating a fabulous morning routine that’ll get you out the door feeling really good about your day.