When Mike and I moved in together it was an exciting moment for me.  It gave me the opportunity to start with a clean slate of home style so that we could create one together.  And finding what items felt like “us” was such an interesting process.  Blending the “boy” and “girl” expressions actually scared me!  What if he wanted something I absolutely hated?  Or I was just dying to try something that he was like, “nope!”  But in reality it wasn’t like that it all. Through the process, I discovered that Mike and I have very similar tastes!  Like me, he loves pieces that are timeless but also have a creative edge to them.  And together we’ve been continuing to build a home that we love and feels like us.

I really look at home style very similarly to fashion style as well. It’s important to have your timeless staples and your creative, expressive extras.  And when I shop for new homewares I definitely see how that plays out.  Sometimes it’s even finding timeless pieces with a twist!  And especially as Mike and I have been adding to our Wedding Registry, we really are looking at what will support our beautiful home creatively but also functionally too!    This past weekend we attended the Macy’s home style event here in LA and it couldn’t have come at more perfect timing!    So we sipped, we shopped and we added to our registry.

Want to know what catches the stylists eye?  I’ve got you covered!  Because while we shopped, I collected my favorite timeless must-haves for your home!  Scroll down and see what sparks your home inspiration!  Which one is your favorite?

Colorful Plateware!  (The best part is that you can mix and match!)

Morning Mugs with Messages! (Because DUH!)

I mean.. you know this one is my favorite!!  (And true!! Mollybstyle can contest to that.)

Copper Cookware! (So chic!  And durable too!)

Patterned Plates!  (Seriously I LOVE these… Hell-oh Registry!)

Marble and wood cheese board!  (It’s perfect for every instagram photo!)

Bohemian Quilts! (These really add some spice to your bedspread!  Get creative – Print mix!)

Textured Towels (I love how these spruce up a bathroom in an instant!)

Patterned Pillows (They add color and creativity to every chair, couch and bed scape!)

So what do you think?  Ready to shop?  

*This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of Macy’s; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.