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I love helping people. Whether that’s through showing others how to find confidence via my personal styling services or giving back to the community through charity work,  The art of helping people is my jam! And these days, more than ever, I’m committed to making others’ lives better in any way I can. That’s why I think it’ so important to share a new segment we will do every so often called “Style With heart”.  In these blogs we will cover new ways to do something good in your community as well as and organizations that can benefit from your support. Our first edition of  Style with Heart is all about Where to Donate your Clothes.

You can probably guess that as a personal stylist, I have a lot of clothes–and I know I’m so fortunate to be able to say that. So it’s important to me to do a big closet clean-out every few seasons and donate clothes I’m not wearing or that don’t work for me any more to charities that are dedicated to helping other people in our community.  This way I can clear out the old and make way for something new.   Also there are some seriously major benefits from cleaning out your closet… I already did a blog about that one so pop on over!

So today I wanted to share some of my favorite nonprofits–both here in L.A. and nationally–that would be so happy to receive your clothing donations, too. After all, we’re all in this together–why not make each others’ lives a little better while we’re at it?  What I love about these organizations is that they are all so different.  From Dress for Success who focus on work apparel for women and create programs to help women get jobs in our communities (With interview outfits to boot!)  Or The National Council of Jewish Women who take your donations and sell them in their many thrift shops.  Proceeds from there go to support anti-trafficking, anti domestic abuse, and more women centric causes.  It’s all about supporting women!   Same for more local programs like the Downtown Women’s Shelter and Chysalis   Bottom line here is cleaning out your closet isn’t just therapeutic for you, but by donating your gently worn wardrobe you are helping others in the community around you.  And that is a stylish win-win!

Here are some of my favorite organizations to try:

Dress for Success


The Salvation Army 

Los Angeles Mission

The Midnight Mission

National Council of Jewish Women Thrift Shop

Downtown Women’s Center


Now tell me: Where do you donate your clothes? And what’s your favorite way to help others in your community?