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Street Wear

All photos via: blog.stylesight.com

I love street style photos. There’s something about seeing real women showing off their unique fashion sense that’s totally inspiring, and I get so many outfit ideas from them–everything from ways to combine prints and patterns to trying out unexpected textures and colors.

So how can we make our personal style worthy of a street-style blog? I always say that style has nothing to do with fashion, but instead with how you put everything together. So next time, instead of admiring a street-style photo and moving on, or thinking that trying out a new look is intimidating, take a look with a fresh pair of eyes.  Remember, you can use it as a creative starting point to translate new ideas into your own daily look.  The goal is to feel confident in yourself when you step out the door–and that’s the most important thing.

And remember: I’m always here to help you find your style, define your style and live in style everyday. To find out more about how I can help, click here.