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Okay we are all guilty, holding onto our old, tattered, dated and faded favorite outfits in our wardrobe with the hopes of pulling them out for one magical occasion where they could be relevant again. Yes, style changes with time and it is absolutely possible to stay timeless with your look. But having timeless style doesn’t exclude you from taking a good look at your wardrobe saying: It’s time for some pieces to go. With clients I always stress how it is an important aspect to developing our own style and even growing our style as we ourselves grow.   Simply put: Time changes, we change and our wardrobe should change as well.

However, taking a look at your own wardrobe and deciding, what should stay, and what should go, is not that easy. For guys or girls, we love to hold onto things. When it comes to girls, we carry sentimental feelings towards pieces that were worn on specific occasions or even remind you of your that magical summer romance, that one time.. (You know what I’m talking about ladies!) For guys typically, you get the sentimental rock tee and clothes that still remind them of the good ol’ days.   When it comes to your most empowered self, wearing old, worn, too big, or too small, and even just tired clothes isn’t projecting the most updated and confident you.  Mix that in with a stock piled closet filled with items you never wear and it makes getting dressed not only challenging, it becomes an uninspiring chore.  And guess what you end up wearing out the door?  All that negative and old energy.

So let’s get rid of the old so you can make way for some new Spring pieces that feel great, fit great and can show the most confident you NOW.

  • Enlist a good friend (or a stylist!). Having an outside eye to help you survey your closet and give you an honest opinion is really going to make letting go of those pieces are holding on to much easier. It’s almost as if you are getting permission to let go.  And sometimes permission is all that you need!
  • Reviewing anything that hasn’t been worn in over a year is a good place to start. Pull out any item that you just haven’t worn. It doesn’t matter the reason. Just pull it out of your closet. Then try every piece on. If you can’t say: THIS PIECE IS AMAZING ON ME. Then it’s most likely time to let it go. It’s that excitement about your look you should have every day so if you are not feeling it at all, then most likely you won’t all of a sudden think that later.
  • Take any sentimental items, costume times, and even varying seasonal items out of your wardrobe completely and into storage boxes. Creating space in your closet is one of the quickest ways to make getting dressed easier. And with less to choose from you are most likely going to make a better choice every time. What is left in your closet should be the pieces you love.
  • Don’t forget accessories: scarves, shoes, handbags, duffle bags, socks and undershirts/tanks. These are all items that accumulate in our wardrobe. Start clearing the old and worn pieces. The more room you make, the easier getting dressed will be. Promise!
  • Think about the good deeds you can do with your wardrobe. Did you know we wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time? That being said, there is upwards of 80% of your wardrobe not being used. As Jews we believe in social action. Your unworn clothes could be filling a need in the community. As an example, the National Council for Jewish Woman is a great place to start! Donate your old, cleaned out wardrobe and you are not only providing clothes for somebody less fortunate but also raising money for programs that are being put back into the community.

There is truly no better feeling that cleaning out your wardrobe. Because once you have finished, you will feel freer and happier with the pieces in your closet that you do love. It’s a bit like therapy. You are removing the old that is weighing you down and holding you back so that you can launch yourself into a newer, brighter world for yourself. And there is no better magic that you can create in your own life and in our love life than just feeling good.


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