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Laurie B Style for your Brand

Style is your Visual Business Card.

Style is not just about getting dressed, it’s a strategy. What you wear is a representation of who you are. Discover the power of wardrobe and style as it pertains to your business and your company and watch as the strategy to your style boosts confidence, culture, sales and connections for your consumers, employees and staff.

Re-Branding Photoshoots Take the stress out of photoshoot day and let Laurie and her team, develop your style strategy, prep your wardrobe and pamper you like a celebrity.  With just a short initial consultation Laurie and her team will develop a brand new look for you that reflects your most vibrant, dynamic self. No more boring photos. Present yourself and your business with energy, life and personality that will enhance your online presence and visual branding.

Company Training Feel your whole team needs a style tune up? Let Laurie and her team come in for a private company training on how to style with strategy and sales in mind. Learn everything from how to put an outfit together, to how to manage your message, to making memorable first impressions. Your wardrobe can work for you. Laurie and her team will craft easy, everyday tools so that your company not only has a strong branded style visual but also allows each team member to exercise their own personal style expression.

Corporate Styling Want more specialization than a corporate workshop? Bring in Laurie and her team for in office individualized appointments. Add value to your company culture, while strategically aligning your team members to represent your company and brand with their wardrobe, presence and overall presentation. By implementing personalized style education, watch as your employees feel more connected to your company, more confident in themselves, and empowered as they come into the office each day.

Restaurants Redefined. From management styling, to staff trainings and custom uniforms, let Laurie and her team redefine your restaurant. Taking a style branding approach to wardrobe, dress codes and uniforms, Laurie will match your visual brand with a unique and customized look that represents your restaurant vibe, aesthetic, and ambiance. So whether it’s to have a stylized look developed for your restaurant or even custom uniforms manufactured, Laurie and her team does it all. Styled with intention. Branded with direction. Designed by a Stylist.

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