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Stylist Laurie B with her new book

I wrote a book!

I’ve been working on this very special project for three years. I went deep into my own mind, looking at the treasure trove of style advice created over my two decade career in fashion. Focusing on what I love the most — style that empowers women — I have compiled a book of what you really need to know about style, self-love, confidence and life possibility.

And it is a game changer. 

Why I wanted to write a book

I wrote this book because I felt that there are too many women out there who are not stepping into their incredible, dynamic and unique female power. I believe we can use our wardrobes as catalysts to get us there. And we can do it together. 

Women supporting women has been an underlying theme throughout my work, and this book will not only teach you how to support yourself, but also how to support others. A rising tide raises all ships! And we do it through style 🙂 

What’s in the book 

Some topics I cover are:

  • Let go of limiting beliefs.
  • Clean out your closet with ease and love.
  • Lead with self-love when it comes to yourself, your body and getting dressed.
  • Redefine style to suit you and only you!  
  • Dress for your body type, play with color, accessorize and style with ease.
  • Master your wardrobe as a tool for sharing your unique message.
  • Support and lift other women up through style
  • Change YOUR life using style as your morning catalyst for limitless possibility.

The book is powerful, poignant, passionate, entertaining and full of practical style advice that you can literally go and do tomorrow in your closet. I am beyond thrilled to bring this style education to you in such an accessible way. 

My book writing process

It hasn’t been an easy journey to get there. Starting the book was quite the daunting task. I started back in May 2018, and I worked week after week to create something that can inspire your life and empower your style. Some chapters took me weeks to write, some took me days. I cried, I shut down, I fought myself over and over again as I tried to put my heart on to the paper.

But I put my nose to the grindstone, and I finished it. First drafts are hard, but they are called rough drafts for a reason! Looking at that first draft, no matter how rough it was, I was so proud of myself that I just got the dang thing on paper. It had been floating around in my head for ages, and seeing it on paper was an amazing accomplishment, even if it meant rounds of edits ahead. 

Allowing myself to edit

When I got around to editing, I got stuck on a chapter that I remember took me weeks to write in the first place. After banging my head against a wall trying to make it work, I started from scratch again. It’s a chapter all about embracing yourself. Loving who you are, loving the body you have and where to go from there. And I realize now it was the hardest chapter for me to write because I, too, struggle with these things. Oh the irony!! So, as I worked my way through it for myself, and for you, these thoughts: 

“No matter what you feel is holding you back from living your best life, from dressing your best life and, for me, writing my best chapter, you have to keep moving forward. You have to make steps forward even if it’s uncomfortable because when we push through the pain that is when the magic happens.” 

Discovering this gave me a new perspective on the chapter, and helped me sail through the rest of the edit. 

A style love letter 

Ultimately, my book is my love letter to women — with a message of self-love and style expression mixed with powerful tools of empowerment and life manifestation. It’s everything I love about my work and everything that I teach and preach, whether in a closet, on the stage, or in front of the camera.⁣

I’m so excited to share this book with you all. It’s everything that is in my heart and soul about style, women and empowerment. It will make you think. It will make you laugh. And maybe even tear up! 

I am so proud, so inspired and so enthused about this work. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it! I hope this book serves as an inspiration to you that you can go out and achieve all of your dreams! 

Just remember, YOU are the style!