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Stylist Laurie B

Starting your day on the right foot can set the mood for the whole day. And that can be really hard when you’re running around after kids, trying to get breakfast, and attempting to #bstyleinspired. To me, your morning routine is your first line of defense against an uninspired style experience. ⁣⠀

My morning routine generally starts with drinking water, a little stretching, eating breakfast and doing play time with Ezra before I have to shift into work mode.

And then, I get dressed. 

Add a style formula to your morning routine

One thing that helps my morning routine run a bit smoother is having a style formula that makes picking out an outfit that much easier. 

I’m a firm believer in using simple style formulas to make getting dressed easier for myself and my clients. ⁣⁣Style should be easy right?!

I’ve always believed in finding a style formula that works for you. Recently, my formula has been all about full, flirty skirts with cropped tees or half tucked blouses and a cool statement jacket to finish off the look. Furthermore, this look is super easy, it expands into all kinds of variations and it works every time.

Find your own formula!

Try adding a style formula to your morning routine! Sometimes it’s as simple as starting with a single base item, like a great standout skirt, and building from there. If you’re styling for the day, pair the piece with lighter colors, more casual fabrics and bohemian details. For night, swap out the light for dark, sparkling or even moody, like leopard. Then layer in an edgy clutch or dramatic hat/headpiece. ⁣⁣⁣⁣Whatever your formula, make it something easy and repeatable, which will help cut down on indecision fatigue.


Once you have your style formula down, try changing it up a bit! Swap out a shoe. Change out a blouse. Play up or play down your bling. There are a million variations with which to play and style! ⁣⁣

The best part about creating supportive style formulas is that it makes busy entrepreneur life, professional life, mom life and life in general a little less stressful and a lot more creative! ⁣And it makes your morning routine a breeze! 

The beauty of a five-minute face 

Another quick, but effective way to start to your morning the right way is by creating an  easy beauty routine. A 5-minute face can give you an extra boost of empowerment as you walk out the door. I swear there is nothing better than popping on a crisp mascara over a tired eye, or finding an easy blush/highlighter combo pack to rosy up your cheeks and give a sparkling frame to your eyes — hello, instant wake up factor! You can also use an eye, cheek and lip kit that gives you that one and done feeling for less mess and less stress.

Morning routine magic! 

When you put care into your morning routine by freshening up your face and picking out an outfit that makes you feel confident, something magical happens! ⁣⠀

You carry that confidence throughout the day! Not only will you look good, but you will feel good and that can make all the difference. ⁣⠀