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Let’s get more wear out of our wardrobe! Summer to Fall Edition.✨

I love when style has versatility.  It’s all about getting more wear out of the individual pieces already we own. This is a more sustainable way to style, and it’s also so helpful on your wallet. So many times we will purchase an item, and we only can envision one way to wear it or only have in mind one reason why we need it.  As a personal stylist, I always encourage my clients to visualize at least 3 ways to wear an individual piece before they purchase. That way they can ensure that the item gets worn more often.  

Here’s the thing, if it’s an item you love, then wearing it more often is a total mood booster!  Typically those pieces end up being our “occasion” pieces, and they only get worn every once in a blue moon. Well no more!  Because not only are we going to dive in now to transition your favorite summer items into fall, you are going to see how fun and creative you can be with your style.   

Summer white blouse

White blouse--Summer LookWhite blouse--Fall look

A white blouse is an effortless part of a summer wardrobe, but you don’t have to put it away after Labor Day. White and winter white are chic colors to incorporate all year long! White’s neutral, plays with all the colors well, light and dark, and most importantly white near the face brightens your skin by reflecting white light up to help you shine. 

The easiest way to update a white summer blouse, is to layer UNDER it!  It’s that easy!  Layer a turtleneck under it, and give your blouse new life. Stylistically, it gives the look a little bit of edge—and will keep you warm on crisp fall evenings. Swap out shorts for a wide-leg, high waisted jean, and tuck your blouse in. To complete the look, add an edgy boot. 

This look is the perfect mix of soft and edgy—and you can wear it all season long! 

Summer white shorts

White shorts--Summer look White linen shorts--Fall look

We all love a white linen short for summer, but they are the perfect base for fall outfits as well! Just add some fall colors and different textures, and you have the perfect outfit for those not-too-chilly autumn days. 

Start with your white shorts on the bottom. Then, incorporate some fall colors—like burnt orange, maroon, or gold. Try playing with new ways to wear your favorite silhouettes!  A chunky cardigan buttoned up but draped off one shoulder adds a flirtatious vibe while still keeping you warm. Tie it all together with matching booties. For additional warmth, you can incorporate a textured tight or a long coat for contrast! 

The bottom line is to have fun and get creative using items together you wouldn’t normally think would work. Wear them confidently and you will always look great!

Summer skirts

Summer skirt--Summer look Flowy skirt--Fall look

For our last summer-to-fall look, take that flirty summer skirt and add some rock’n roll!  Leather is always a fall and winter must have, so however you can incorporate it with your summer items will instantly winterize your look.  

For this look, let’s begin with a flowy skirt on the bottom and add a vintage band tee or graphic tee. These kinds of shirts will never go out of style so you can always incorporate them all year round! Make sure to tuck or half tuck your shirt into the skirt to create dimension, balance the body, flatter the figure and add swagger to your look. Top that off with a rockin’ motorcycle jacket! You can go with black or be daring and try color!  Whether in leather or suede the “moto” jacket is a one-and-done kind of piece—no matter how you style it, the moto jacket will always look cool in any look. Finish the look with a fierce combat boot, and you’re ready to rock into fall. 


Just because clothes are sold for a certain season doesn’t mean you can’t wear them all year. So many times we get stuck standing in front of our closets with limited beliefs about what is possible for our wardrobe! So, let this blog be your PERMISSION SLIP to try new things, experiment with what you own and create a style—all your own.  You don’t have to follow the rules! Break them! Heck, write your own! 

But, here is why experimenting and getting creative with your closet is so important right now.  Repurposing clothes is not only economical, it’s sustainable! Think about how much less wardrobe waste we could all create if we used the clothing we already own more wisely and creatively!  The more wear you get out of your wardrobe the better!   

When you allow yourself to experiment with what you own, you can get the most out of your wardrobe. Plus you’ll give permission and inspire others to do the same. Bonus!

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