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Laurie B at her closet

Want a style fact that will blow your mind? 

We wear 20% of our closet 80% of the time.⁣⁣

Wild, right? But it’s true, and I’ve been there, too! It is entirely overwhelming when there are too many options from which to choose, so we grab the same pieces over and over again.⁣ We tend to stick to what is easy and obvious instead of what is inspiring and expressive. When our wardrobes are overcrowded, we don’t think about styling creatively.⁣⁣

Closets can be overwhelming!

Maybe your closet is full of pieces you used to love, and they are too sentimental to get rid of. Maybe you bought a piece that was on trend, and you thought “one day I’ll wear this” but you never quite figured out how to wear it. Perhaps you have a piece that you thought would make you feel confident, but every time you wear it, you just feel blah. 

For the past 10 years, I have heard all kinds of excuses as to why we maintain a closet that don’t love and doesn’t serve us personally. I get it! Letting go is hard. However, to love your closet, first, we must clean your closet. That means you need to be honest with yourself, which can present a major challenge.

Closet “Real Estate”

Here’s your first step:

Get a sense of your closet real estate. 

Each hanger and each garment you own is taking up the “real estate”. ⁣⠀

When most of us open our closet doors, we see disorganization instead of a space of zen. We have a myriad of colors, lengths, sizes, and types of garments all jammed together on a mismatch of hangers! ⁣No wonder we get overwhelmed! 

Our closets act as visual representations of how we see and perceive our own style. If our closet is uninspired, we’ll feel the same way about our style. It isn’t until we assess and organize our wardrobes that we can find ease in creating style for ourselves. 

Create a Style Sanctuary

That said, cleaning out and organizing can feel overwhelming so here is an easy way to think about it: You want your wardrobe to feel more like a sanctuary. A Style Sanctuary.  

An effective way to clean your closet is to identify the items that don’t make you feel like your most confident self. Pull them out as you go through, and eventually you are left with a capsule of pieces you love! Once you’ve reclaimed your closet real estate it’s time to organize it in a way that makes you happy.

There are all different ways to organize, but one of the easiest options is to colorize by rainbow. Don’t worry about setting up by category then by color. Just make it a rainbow across the bar. This way, while your wardrobe may still have too many pieces, you can see the colors and creativity bursting through your closet doors!

Let your closet inspire you

Regardless of what’s in my closet, if the clothes don’t make me feel confident right now, then they don’t work. It’s really that simple.⁣⁣ Yes, I have a closet full of beautiful clothes that I can SEE, and I love them soooo much. But, in the end it’s not about the clothes — it’s about how I feel about myself in my clothes. ⁣⁣

This is the basis of my belief in STYLEPOWERMENT(TM). It’s not about the clothes in your closet but how you feel in your clothes that creates and magnifies your style.

An inspiring closet can make all the difference. Once you’re inspired by your clothes, it’s easy to choose an outfit allows you to show off your awesome, empowered self. 

You are the Style book