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Stylist Laurie B shows waistline definition

I have many “Laurie-isms.” 

Little quips or unique sayings I have collected over the years that are unique to me. But, of all the things I say, I have a clear favorite: 

When in doubt, belt it out.” 

This little mantra forms the basis of one of my most important style tricks. 

Define your waistline

There are a number of tips and tricks for each individual body type, but there is a common denominator for all body types, even when you carry a little more in the middle. 

It’s all about defining the waist. ⁣

Defining your waist promotes length, while sliming the frame, balancing your body and flattering your figure.⁣ Furthermore, defining your waist has some secret empowerment powers. When you define your waist, it forces you to hold your core in, straighten your back and hold your chin up high. This body language shift can promote feeling more confident in whatever you choose to wear.

How to define your waistline

Here’s the trick: find your high waist, and define your waist there. It’s about 2 inches above your belly button and 2 inches below your bust-line. Right there is a sweet little spot on your frame that brings style and magic into your look. ⁣⁣

To accentuate your high waist, you can do a half tuck, tucking in your shirt strategically to give you some shape. Conversely, you can style a tailored blazer that has waistline structure built in, or you can wear a blouse or dress that has a waistband detail designed into the shape. Look for a garment that has this band color-blocked, and you will have an instant waist defining look.

But if you’ve tried all that and still want more definition, don’t fret. This brings us back to my number one tip: 

When in doubt, belt it out!   

All my clients and long time fans and friends know this phrase from me. It’s been a style philosophy of mine that I use for so many reasons! ⁣⁣

The right belt can:

  • Jazz up a dreary wardrobe vibe.⁣⁣
  • Balance out the body frame.⁣⁣
  • Make clothes look like an outfit.
  • Support core strength, a strong shoulder and power posture, giving you a confident stance.
  • Empower women to step into their personal and powerful femininity.⁣⁣

How to wear a belt

So many people think belts just go through the loops of their pants, keeping pants from slipping down, but belts can — and should — do so much more! 

You can wear your belt:

  • Over a dress.
  • On top of a blouse.
  • Over a cardigan.
  • Under a cardigan.
  • Over a high waisted pencil skirt with a blouse half-tucked.
  • Over a flirty a-line skirt with a shirt tucked in.
  • With a high waisted pant. 
  • Over anything oversized to help create waist definition.

In all my speeches over the last 10 years as a personal stylist, consistently women have said to me: “But I don’t own a belt!”

Don’t worry! I bet you own a dress that came with a belt attached? Take off the belt and try it on with other outfits. 

Have fun! 

The most important thing is for you to look and feel your best. Defining your waist is just one trick to help you do that. Play around with a belt, or any other of the waist-defining tips. Get creative. Make mistakes. Have fun! You’ll be surprised at what you may see!

You are the Style book