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You may not know this about me, but I’ve been struggling with my weight recently. I, like so many brides dropped pounds prior to my wedding.  But after the wedding I lost that handle on my health!  Some people say it’s a symptom of being newly weds, but the way I was gaining weight didn’t feel like that at all.  Truth be told today I am currently 15 pounds heavier than my wedding!  In 9 months!  I’ve never gained that much weight before in such a short period of time.  And let me tell you, it has done a number on my psyche. Specifically, when I try on my beautiful clothes that once fit, only to discover they don’t fit.  Ugh!  The worst!!    And when you get to that point it’s really easy to fall into self loath, doubt and insecurity.    Like what on earth happened?

Well it happened to me and I’ve been working through it like I would consult my clients.  And being a body positivity stylist I have an arsenal of styling tools in my belt to play around with.  I have been taking it day by day, outfit by outfit working towards feeling better in the body I am currently in.   So while I can’t loose weight in a flash, I have been mastering the top tips I teach to look slim in you wardrobe.  The teacher has officially become the student.

So here are my tried and true tips for styling yourself slim.

  1. Start with the fit.   I know it feels right cover up your body on days that you are feeling insecure, but the truth is, that actually adds bulk to your look.  The fit of your wardrobe becomes of upmost importance.  Your wardrobe should fit closely to your natural frame.  Yep,  follow the frame!  But sometimes that requires us to shop a size larger than we are used to. (or maybe a size smaller if you’ve been hiding behind your clothes!)
  2. Try a high-waisted pant or jean.   The longer your leg line is the taller you are going to look.  That is why a high waist is the lengthening to the frame.  When you lengthen visually, it slims you down!
  3. Wear head to toe a single color.   Yes it is true, that all black on black can be sliming.  But this also goes for any other color, including white!  When you wear the same color top to body, it creates a lengthening effect as nothing cuts off the eye line.  Top off with a contrasting open jacket and you’ll instantly look slimmer
  4. Define your waist.   There are a couple ways to do this. Wear a high waist belt, band or sash over blouses, jackets, dresses and skirts.  And by high waist I mean about 2″ above your belly button. Yes there!  You can wear an outer layer jacket that has building in waist defining tailoring.  Or you can play around with the half tuck.  This is when you take the front of your shirt, blouse or sweater and “half-tuck” it into the front of your pants and skirt.  You let the rest of the top blouse around you hip line.  Trust me – this one is a game-changer.
  5. Wear a heel.   When you wear a heel it forces you to hold your core in, keep your chin high and stand up straight.  Walking with that kind of confidence is an instant slimmer visually but also helps you FEEL slimmer as well.  Seriously – put on some heels and take a sexy strut around the house.

So I encourage you to try some of these tools on for size.  But remember –  First and foremost,  choose to love your body whatever the size, shape or color it is.   The more you love your body, the better you feel in your skin. The better you feel in your skin, the better your clothes will look.    It’s always my mission not to keep you up to trend, but to keep you and your mind in check.   Our bodies are already beautiful.   But even with all that self love, it’s totally okay to use a little style strategy to boost that confidence as you head out the door to take on your day!