As a young girl, I always fantasized about sitting on Mount Olympus with the Greek gods. Their stories delighted my imagination. I knew every god and every story, and could recite every detail by heart. Want to know how peacocks got their eyes on their feathers?  That’s thanks to Hera.  How the seasons come about?  That story (one of my personal favorites) is the saga of Demeter, Persephone and Hades. Yep, I’m a total Greek mythology geek. Loud and proud! So when I had an opportunity to go to Greece and see my favorite stories come to life in ancient Greek structures, columns, ruins, and history, my heart skipped a beat and my bag was instantly packed. Fresh off of a quick and very creative trip to Israel, my fiancé and I ventured to Greece for Part II of our impromptu spring excursion.

Here’s what I learned on this trip:

It’s okay to wear the same few items more than a few times. (I lived in my star printed T-shirt!)

Layering is your best friend! Especially when you pack in a color story, which is one of my favorite travel tips.

Keep your accessory styling to a minimum.  You don’t want to be fussing with jewelry or other outfit details that will take away from your overall experience.

Always have your camera handy for the perfect photo op.  When traveling, they literally are on every corner.

Put down your phone and be present with your surroundings, yourself and your travel partner. (This is key!)

Acknowledge big moments with a pause and deep, full belly breaths.  This helps you take in every ounce of what you’re witnessing.  When I got to the top of the Acropolis,  I closed my eyes and meditated on a bench facing the grandeur of the Parthenon.  I also cried! It was literally my childhood dream come true!

Don’t be afraid to ask people to take your photo for you.  In these days of selfie sticks, it’s really nice to see a classic, unrehearsed, full body photo.

If you are traveling with your loved one, make sure to find romance in every moment.  Hold hands, connect with your eyes, make out in public. (I mean… why not?!)

Let your soul guide you. Sometimes you should just throw perfectly put-together plans out the window and roam.

Always wear sunscreen and always pack a stylish hat!  It’s the perfect outfit topper to make a simple jeans, T-shirt and sneaker look stylish at any given moment.

Be adventurous and try new foods and cuisines.  They are so worth it.

Get rest while you travel! Some days we walked 6-9 miles (!). A good night’s sleep can help you stay energized throughout the day.

Stop to look at street fashion and store windows.  When I was a fashion designer, I used to travel to Europe to trend forecast for American brands. There is so much inspiration in how different cultures interpret trends–and you can use that to influence your own style.

If you see something so spectacular, different, beautiful, unique and amazing, while shopping, get it! Don’t stop yourself because of your budget. Put it on your credit card and you’ll figure it out later. Treat yourself to shopping for unique finds while traveling. Skip the “ tourist tees” and instead find a necklace, a handbag, blouse or a dress that nobody else will have when you wear it at home. It will be worth every penny!

Magic awaits.


A dream come to life. I was tearing up at this moment. I can’t believe I was here!

The awe-inspiring Parthenon took my breath away at every turn.

Street arts, cats and my fiancé…all my favorite things in one photo.

Pulling into the picturesque Hydra Island for the most magical day of small walkways, cool shopping, island cats sleeping and the “European way” of winning at life.

We spent a day on a cruise, stopping off at a few islands, and it was another dream come true. Yes! These places on earth truly exist.

Meow! Dinner time on Hydra Island.

I mean, this sign was meant for me!

Inspiration around every corner and down every corridor.

Always prepared with a hat to up the ante on any outfit! (Also my color story for this trip was nailed. Black, white, denim, and dusty pink.)

Didn’t I say to make out wherever you can? This small alley way on the island of Hydra was the perfect spot.

So what are the best lessons you learned from traveling?  What do you cherish the most while you are on an adventure? Share with me!