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I couldn’t be more honored to be included and featured in the March 2020 issue of Parents Magazine in the article perfectly entitled “Make Your Closet Your Happy Place”.  Yes Please!  It’s always been my mission to share my style advice and Stylepowerment wisdom to more women and what better platform to do that with than my favorite magazine Parents.  If you haven’t picked up this magazine in a while it is 100% should be on your monthly reading list.  The stories are so supportive, empowering and informative.  Most importantly the magazine is REAL. They tackle real issues, address the real questions we have as parents and ease our minds on all levels.

So when I was approached by one of their writers, to support their style about “closet after baby”, I immediately jumped to the task.  There is so much to share that I want moms to know!   You can see a few snippets here!  But my favorite quote of all is the last one in the article and I truly believe this as a key point for moms and women everywhere. “The getting dressed experience can be an empowering part of your day, so it should be treated with intention, strategy and heart.”  True story.

Here’s a little sneak peak of the story!

Notice any interesting news in the article?  Hmm???

It is so true. Your mornings matter.  How you get dressed for your self, is how you show up for yourself.  How you show up for yourself, is how you show up for your family.  It’s such a vital part to our personal stories and our style stories.  Let’s make our mornings more empowered!  And all you have to do? Get dressed, girlfirend!

You are the Style book