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I was so honored to be invited to speak with Emily from Real Happy Daughter, who is the author of the incredible book Body Positive and the host of The Body Positive Podcast!

Not only is Emily absolutely amazing, she is the BEST interviewer. I absolutely loved diving into all of my favorite topics, including:

  • Body confidence
  • Learning to love ourselves again
  • Using the art of style as a form of self-care
  • How the impact of of our own empowered personal style can effectively change the way we feel, as well as how we experience life

This is the good stuff right here, and I cannot wait for you to listen.

Plus, if you don’t know Emily, she should absolutely be on your radar.

Here’s an audio recording of the entire interview!

And remember, you can find these tips and more my book You Are the Style, out now!

You are the Style book