As a personal stylist, I always use the art of an inspiration board to support my clients with their style vision. It’s so important to go back to the drawing board to find what inspires you, excites you and gives you that little flicker of soul flame! Yes your style should make you feel that way! Last weeks blog taught you on how to do just that.

But, I bet you have a burning few questions now…

“Now that I have my Pinterest board ready to go – what do I do next?”


“How can I style like my Pinterest board inspiration?”

Would you be surprised to hear that it’s actually very easy? Yes! Easy! Style is easy and with this formula break down you will never have to fret about styling like your inspiration. Because you will know how to do it every single time!

Find your style with stylist Laurie Brucker of Lauriebstyle

Here’s the style secret. Are you ready?

  1. Pick out one of your favorite photos.
  2. Write down all the items involved. For example: Black denim, stripe tee, green jacket, metallic shoes, pendant necklace.
  3. Go to your closet and pull out the items that you own already, which resemble those pieces. They don’t have to perfect, and they don’t have to be exact. A black denim can be replaced with a dark denim, or black ankle pant. a stripe tee can be replaced with a stripe sweater. Perhaps you don’t have a green cargo jacket, but you do have a wine red jacket that you love. Try that instead.
  4. Finish off with the necessary accessory pieces, like similar shoes, could be similar in style or just the same color but a different kind of shoe. And a similar necklace.
  5. Put the outfit together piece by piece just like the picture.
  6. Note any details like a “half-tuck” a full tuck, if there is a sleeve cuff or hem cuff, or if there is any other details to incorporate into your own look.
  7. Et Voila!

The reason I like to teach this method of teaching how to style is because we all see so many outfit posts and photos that we love yet we never act on them to wear something similar. With this styling technique it not only forces you to get creative with similar items you own, it helps you get more comfortable trying new ideas!

I believe there is so much possibility with our style, and so many times we are just stopping ourselves from experiencing it. So go on! Play with that Pinterest board! You can even apply this to the board as a whole.

  • Make a list of all the key times you see across the board!
  • Organize that list into categories. And done! You’ve built yourself your dream capsule wardrobe list!
  • Now go hunt down what you already own and shop for the rest.

Easy, Right? Happy Styling! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!