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Spring cleaning shouldn’t just be for your wardrobe. You have to look at everything; drawers shoes and yes, those dreaded tangled accessory piles. We all have them!! It’s so easy to get all your accessories just tossed into a twisted knot of doom, never to be worn again. While we are in the mood for cleaning out, cleaning up and organizing your closet and wardrobe to a zen space, let’s discuss how to organize your accessories stylishly too.

LaurieBstyle, Top Personal Stylist Los Angeles, How to Accessorize

First things first – Just like with your closet – let’s go through and get rid of any accessories that don’t serve a purpose for you anymore, with the exception of anything sentimental, valuable, or heirloom. Those of course you can keep! But if you don’t wear them, let’s set them aside and give them their own special jewelry box that you tuck away for safe keeping.

Next invest in organizational tools that can support the items you do have! Depending on how much you have, make sure to have fun with what you choose! Like, your closet your organized accessories should feel like a happy zen space for you. See what fits your needs! Whether it’s with clear glamboxes, an extensive jewelry dresser, or even a wall mount jewelry cabinet, get what suits you, your organization needs and your budget. You just cannot have too many jewelry items. There is always a need for something new and fancy, so if you are looking for something special, find more here.

Then categorize all your pieces. Bracelets with the bracelets, necklaces with necklaces, earrings with earrings, so on and so forth. Keep everything ready to be placed in their categories. But from there, separate out the pieces you want to wear more often. All your favorite pieces, your funky pieces, your statement pieces and the ones you are having a total kick wearing. Those should go front and center of whatever organization you do. The more you see your favorite pieces, the more you are encouraged to grab them and go!

Accessories make the outfit so being able to easily snag your now, very accessible accessories for any given outfit moment will be a game changer for your style.

Pop over to my pinterest board, I made for you on stylish accessory organization and see more creative ideas for all budgets and even for you DIY-ers out there!

And lastly – I’ll leave you with this style tip (You know I can’t talk about accessories without giving you a style tip to go with it!! Accessories are everything!) Accessories are the perfect first line of defense to get you out of a style rut and back into your own creative empowerment.  So if you are feeling a little blah with your style, getting your accessories in check and picking out a few to wear each day can be a small act that makes a big difference to your total look.

Tomorrow try wearing an accessory you’ve been saving for a special occasion. You know the one. (We’ve all go one!) Add it to your outfit without fear. My philosophy is, “Why not! Just try it!”. 

LaurieBstyle, Top Personal Stylist Los Angeles, How to Accessorize

Accessorizing with ease all about mixing and matching what you have, expressing yourself and giving yourself some “me time” to explore your own creativity.   Remember your style is completely up to you! And accessories give you the power to really express that style with ease, in your own unique way.