KTLA Morning News

I couldn’t be more excited to share my morning adventures with you all. I was brought by my friends from Beatrice Holloway to do a Glee inspired runway show on the KTLA morning news! Nervous doesn’t even describe, as (believe it or not…) it was my first time on live TV! But how incredibly exhilarating and just inspiring as I love being put on the spot. And I LOVE a good show.

First things first. I grew up on KTLA morning news and when I was living in NYC I would watch it every morning with my Parents when I was home on vacation. To actually be in the studio, to see these anchors I’ve grown to love was beyond exciting. And to be just like one of them. On stage, on camera, live TV. It’s a pretty incredible experience.

Wendy Wong designer of Beatrice Holloway really knows the essence of Gleek Chic. She started Beatrice Holloway only two years ago and absolutely had the granny and geek chic of glee in mind. Actually a funny tidbit is that when she’s designing the line she imagines a cute granny sitting on a porch drinking her lemonade with her cat by her side (side bar: please don’t envision me as that… Yes I do have a cat. Yes I drink lemonade. No, I don’t have a porch..) But envision me in Beatrice Holloway absolutely. What’s great about the collection that is is easy mix and match to create combinations that embody this geeky chic girl. It’s the prep girl of the future. Feminine, quirky, and the cutest aspiring librarian you ever saw.

Here’s the runway show from this morning featuring myself and the Beatrice Holloway Collection. All styled by moi! Tres-fabulous!

Special thanks to Wendy Wong and Kip Morrison PR www.shophouseofspy.com www.beatriceholloway.com www.kipmorrison.com

Also to Wendy Bendoni for taking these screen shots from the TV for me!! www.wendybendoni.com

Here are more screen shots from the day!

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