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As a personal stylist for real women, I believe that style comes from the inside out. I believe that we should embrace the body we have right here in this very moment. I believe that we are all, already beautiful if we could only see ourselves in the mirror that way. And that empowerment is exactly what I needed to do for myself after I had my first child. To see myself as beautiful again, in my new body and to find my body confidence after baby.

In just a short 5 months since Ezra was born, I’ve gone through what feels like an epic journey to my empowerment after baby. As much as you read, learn in classes and hear from trusted friends, nothing really prepares you for the very personal bodily experience and breastfeeding adventure one goes through when having a baby. Truth is – everyone is SO different.  Every story is so unique. Every body reacts in its own way and every experience has its own twists and turns. So how can you prepare for the unknown?

I definitely wasn’t prepared. I knew my body was changing. I knew my breasts where growing! But I didn’t realize how the bras I wore were almost as if, I wasn’t in acceptance of that new body growth. Because it wasn’t just my tummy and my chest size that changed, my ribcage grew as well. My bras became tight and itchy, with wires digging into my ribcage leaving bruises behind.  Oh and the back arm bulge! I had it all. I was basically torturing myself by locking my ladies up into bras and garments that not only didn’t fit well but didn’t make me feel good either. (Goodness, why?)

Then my beautiful baby Ezra came and the breastfeeding journey officially began. My heart (and chest!) became even fuller and my life became more meaningful than I could have even fathomed. I shared so many tears of joy with Ezra in my arms and at the same time shed tears of sadness, challenge, and the feeling of loss. The loss of my old life, the loss of my sense of self and the loss of a body I once had a handle on. My baby was everything to me, but everything also changed. It wasn’t the same.  My body wasn’t the same. I wasn’t the same.

I mean, I birthed a baby! Where’s the love for the incredible, powerful and female experience I just endured?  And yes I did feel that power! I MADE A HUMAN! Hello! Is there anything more amazing? Couldn’t I just bask in the glory of this miracle? I did! But that didn’t just instantaneously wipe away the long history of body image issues I had had since I was a young girl. I was so proud of the baby I created and the Motherhood journey I was on, yet I couldn’t find the space inside for my own personal body-love and acceptance for what I had gone through.

For all the years of empowering women with style through their body challenges, I was going to have to work my own magic on myself. But where to begin?   I had gained weight from breastfeeding, my breasts grew ginormous and then quickly deflated then migrated south once I ended my BF journey, my body type shifted dramatically and the worst part is that every time I put on my old bras I was reminded of all my struggles.  That uncomfortable feeling of the bra and of myself stuck with me all day.

Enter Thirdlove into my life.  An all bodies are beautiful kind of company that is re-imagining the undergarment space to create a new world of empowered women of all shapes and sizes.   Could the middle layer in between my heart center and my clothes actually change how I feel about myself?  The prospect definitely intrigued me and I was game to try!  At this point, I will try anything to begin the feeling better process.

On their site I took the quiz that has you identify all the ways your boobs are unique.  And that quiz produced the perfect fit bra that would ultimately change the insecure story line, living on repeat in my mind. The 24/7 perfect coverage bra.  It’s soft, silky, eliminates my back bulge, and hugs my ladies so they feel perky and even which I didn’t even think was possible anymore.  Plus, due to my grown ladies the thicker strap keeps me feeling secure and surprisingly sexy.   Yes – I felt sexy again!

Wearing my new bra beneath my clothes is what made the difference in my attitude about myself and my ever-changing body. This stylist was literally walking her talk!  Seriously!  One of my Stylepowerment™ topics I teach is about how to flatter your figure and style your body type.  My currently body type is “a little more in the middle” and to work with that type my first recommendation is to create your waistline space by finding the right fit bra that will lift your ladies opening up your ribcage area for the perfect placement of a belt, or any other means of waist definition.    And let me tell you – it works!  I couldn’t believe I knew the answer all along! It was the space between heart center and my wardrobe that became the supporting puzzle piece for me to gain my sense of self again.

My Thirdlove bra was the turning point of my motherhood embodiment journey as it literally and figuratively was connector between my body and my view of myself. Today when I get to hold my son and look in the mirror, I am finally seeing the woman and mother that I am. My Thirdlove bra is a powerful reminder that my body is beautiful and that I strong, unique and a total momboss badass!  And the little bit of baby throw-up on my shoulder is a reminder that I am 100% perfectly human too.


  • Disclaimer: Thirdlove sent me bras for review. The story, thoughts and opinions are truly all my own.  And I am writing this story on my own accord.