There is no design, no idea, and no style that wasn’t inspired by something else. Remember finding your own style is not about copying what you see, it’s about interpreting what inspires you and making it your own. Inspiration is everywhere, which is why I want you to find what inspires you and create a Pinterest board to keep you stylishly energized.

Find what inspires you - Top Los Angeles Personal Stylist Laurie Brucker

But before you go pinning away… we must first, clean your closet (Did you do that yet?) Then we must clear your mind…

Step 1

Clear your head and mind. In this practice, anything is possible for your style.  Remove thoughts like:

 “Well I was told I can’t do that.”

“That would never work on me.”

‘That is not something I can try”

” I was told I needed to be THIS”

Sound familiar, huh? Yeah, I know, I’ve been there too. Those thoughts don’t serve you anymore. It’s time to let go of all those thoughts that run through your head telling you what to do and what not to do. There is officially a new style sheriff in town.

Step 2

Start fresh by taking a few moments to close your eyes. Envision yourself in the most confident stylish outfit. Not matter what it looks like! Picture yourself in meetings, at your events, traveling chicly, on dates and another other life happenings. Imagine and really visualize what are you wearing, how are you feeling, how are you carrying yourself. Feel that incredible, beautiful, feminine and empowered woman. (YES!  She was already inside of you!)

Step 3

Lastly, head to Pinterest and start a blank board. No outfit is too fabulous, no outfit is too simple… just pin what sparks excitement for you and makes your soul twinkle. Type in the search bar anything from “Street style”, to “girl-boss style”,  to  “casual cool chic” to “boho retro style”  Whatever words you are thinking of go search for them!  Like “floral blouses” or “skinny jeans and boots” or “blazers and denim”.

Here’s a hot search bar tip: if you add the words “street style” to any combination of fashion term words you’ll get more of those great street shots and outfits, instead of an item on a white back ground.

Here’s another hot tip!  Looking for more girls with curvy looks – add the word curvy to your search and you’ll be so inspired by all the body positivity and style out there.

Disclaimer – Do yourself a favor  and pin items regardless of the woman wearing. If you love it. Pin it. It should really be that simple.  Remember another girls style does not diminish your own. You both can shine bright.

Find what inspires you - Top Los Angeles Personal Stylist Laurie Brucker

Inspiration can be motivating energy that infuses your overall look. That energy is not only a big part of your style, but it what radiates your beautiful style vibe out into the world around you.

I officially give you permission! 

Use your board to inspire you and use the world around you to inspire you further. When you see something that makes you want to try it out for yourself, DO it. You can HAVE that.  You can BE that. Whatever “IT” is for you. Look, appreciate, love and interpret. Inspiration is truly everywhere we just need to open our eyes, our minds and our hearts.