Extreme Confidence and How to Get It

by | May 19, 2017 | Confidence

Confidence and style go hand in hand.  Whether I’m working privately with a client, or on Skype, or speaking in front of big crowds, there is always a section of my conversation that is devoted to just confidence.  What is confidence?  How does it relate to your style? And how on earth can you get it??
What about extreme confidence?  How do you get that?!
To me, extreme confidence is the idea that you are a fully embodied, acknowledged, and self-expressed version of yourself. But that’s easier said than done, no?  From a wardrobe and style perspective, confidence can come from building a wardrobe you love that flatters your figure, shows off your favorite assets, gives you that feeling of “Damn, I look good today!,” and especially makes you smile when you look in the mirror.  Confidence is true self-actualization! It’s when you are  so much in ownership of your being,that when you get dressed you are wearing “you” every single moment.  Whether in a dress or jeans and tee, you are you.  Learning those tools, practicing them daily, and even forcing yourself into an outfit that embodies what you’d like to feel (even if you aren’t feeling that way) can  help you build the confidence you need. Just think–the more consistently you honor yourself through your wardrobe, the more consistently confident you will feel.
But there is so much more to the confidence and style conversation! 
And I’m so excited to dive deeper into that with you.
This month, I’m joining Mia Hewitt’s
 Join me and world-class experts like Jack Canfield, CNN’s Mel Robbins, ABC’s Secret Millionaire and Big Money speaker James Malinchak, and also receive a special ppportunity to participate live in a Q&A session with Priceline.com’s billionaire Jeff Hoffman–just to name a few–as we talk about what it takes to have Extreme Confidence in business and life. In this incredible summit, hosted by international speaker and world class leader Mia Hewett, learn the specific mindsets, skill sets, and action steps these best-selling authors, elite marketers, and world-renowned experts are using to achieve their extraordinary results. And as one of these experts, I have the privilege of inviting you to be my guest, for FREE.

I hope to see you all there!  In the meantime, tell me: What makes you feel confident?

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