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The Dockers men’s fit guide…or what I would like to call it: the evolution of the American menswear pant. (Read in superhero announcer style with an echo.) Such a fun find while hunting down men’s style thoughts and ideas. One of my biggest points I’m always teaching about is proper fit. Especially for men. It’s of utmost importance with regards to creating stand out, head turning style. For men specifically, it’s something as easy as updating to the proper fit that can make all the difference.

Dockers is synonymous with khakis. And being that they are pant specialists, Dockers has come up with this great chart of their various khaki fits. Ranging from super slim to extra relaxed. Something for everybody! Guaranteed, you have at least one pair in your closet and perhaps after the 2010 Super Bowl you are even more aware of them. A “Wear the Pants” campaign was launched to help Dockers reclaim their importance in all men’s closets. Creating a brand makeover that takes the once stigma of “khakis” and breathes new life into the classic pant ideal with more style and more fits options to fit all kinds of men.

So here’s the question. Do you know what fit is right for you?

(Cue amazing stylist swooping in and saving the day with great style advice! That’s me!)

Well for now, here is some “tip of the iceberg” thoughts on khakis for you to ponder about. … And if you want to know more? Well you know where to find me….

  • If your current khakis have pleats in the front, please remove them from your closet and walk them directly over to good will. It’s time for a new pair.
  • Khakis are great for causal Friday. But get creative and find something other than a blue button front shirt to wear with them. So cliché!
  • Invest in a great belt. Khakis were meant to be worn with your shirts tucked in and there is no reason you shouldn’t wear a cool belt. (Guess what men? An eye catching or uniquely cool belt draws women’s eyes down toward…. Well you get the idea….)


Shhh…. Here’s a secret. If you email me with the subject line saying “Dockers” I’ll give you 15% off your first package!