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Stylist Laurie B wears stripes

I’ve always been a rule breaker at heart. 

Why should I let boundaries define me or hold me back? I’ve never felt boundaries comforting. In actuality, it’s breaking the boundaries that fuels my leaps and bounds in my life. The risks I have taken. The unknown corners I cross. The comfort zones that I left behind. 

Style is the same way. 

We’ve all heard the myths that tell us some clothes are not to be worn with our body type or that they break the style rulebook. For so many of us, we allow the rules to hold us back. It’s holding us back from being our most creative and expressed selves!  Remember, YOU are the style and you can write your own story! It’s just up to you to take that chance, make that choice and go style yourself accordingly! Sounds easy right? It is.

And I’m here to break one of those style myths right now. 

Should you wear stripes?

True or False: Horizontal stripes make you look wide.

We’ve all heard it. Don’t wear stripes if you don’t want to look wider, but there are SO many clothes that come in horizontal stripes. 

So which one is it? 

Answer: It’s actually both! And it totally depends.

For example, I have a great sweatshirt with horizontal stripes. Now, ordinarily, I stay away from boxy horizontal stripes, especially on the wider part of my body, but this sweatshirt is comfortable, and it was a staple in my new mom wardrobe. Did it make me look a little wider? Yup. And frankly, I cringed a bit when I first saw it in a photo. But, I also said who cares! I was a new mom, and I was rockin’ my own confident style.

How to wear stripes

That said, knowing that stripes have this style challenge shouldn’t detour you from trying or wearing them! In fact, there are many ways to wear stripes that don’t make you look wider and accentuate (or add!) curves! 

Here are a few quick tips:

  • Wear your stripes in a more form-fitting look.
  • Use horizontal stripes to balance your body by wearing them in the area you want to accentuate!
  • Cut off the stripes with the vertical lines of a jacket.
  • Cut up the stripes with a contrast wide belt at the high waist.

These are all great ways to add stripes to your wardrobe and flaunt what you got! Want to try something else? Go for it! The way you style is up to you. 

Breaking the rules

You might be thinking, “Laurie? What if I have a skirt that hugs my curves, but I have a booty? Won’t that make it look wider?”

The answer: It might, but if you feel your best self while strutting down the street in a body-skimming skirt, go for it! 

When I was pregnant, I found this colorful, striped sweater of my dreams, and I was at a crossroads. I knew my body was getting wider, and adding strips was just going to over-accentuate and unbalance my look. Why would they sell this sweater for pregnant women who already feel wide!?! 

But you know what I did?

I bought the sweater. 

I threw out the rules and styled myself with my heart and not my head. When color tickles my fancy so much, why would I deny myself wearing something that made me so happy?

That’s what I want for you!  Style yourself happy. Know the strategy, and then choose what feels best for you. If we all got dressed remembering that when we feel good we shine in our wardrobe, imagine the possibilities of what else can make you shine.  Now go find those pieces you love, break some rules and have a blast getting dressed!

You are the Style book