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Ask Laurie B Style

{Q} What motivated you to start your business?

 {A} Eleven years ago, I walked away from a high powered, high paying fashion design position in New York City to create a brave new world for myself – a place where I can take my talents and put it to good use creating positive energy for the women. In January 2009, LaurieBstyle LLC was born.  An image consultancy company with the personal motto: “People first, style second”.  The human experience is so important to me – how we feel about ourselves, how we see ourselves in the mirror. When you feel great in your own being, when you feel great in your own skin, when you feel great in your own clothes, that IS style.  That is the ultimate achievement.  Throwing “fashion” right out the door and opening up to a world of timeless style, which every woman already has.  It’s my job to pull that out of them.

{Q} What is the mission LaurieBstyle?

 {A} At LaurieBstyle LLC, it’s my goal to make my clients feel like everything is possible again.  And it simply comes from empowering them with the knowledge of how to strategically style themselves to show their best selves every day.  To be the executive in charge, to be the hip mom on the go, to be the rising entrepreneuress, to be the traveling consultant and to live that life inspired, full of creativity, bright with color and endless with possibilities.  It’s empowerment through style education.

{Q} What is your personal business philosophy?

 {A} I said it earlier but it resonates so much for me. My philosophy is “People first, style second”.   I care so much about people. I care so much about how we are living our lives.  Style is just an expression of who we are and therefore, to me it’s all about the people first.  We have to get to know ourselves, and we have to be in touch with ourselves.  We HAVE to accept ourselves.  It’s when we finally reach that realization, when actualization is possible.  For me, my business, and my clients, style IS that actualization.   Creating a style that represents who we are on the inside is the key to living our lives with openness, abundance and empowerment.  We can be anything and everything we want to be. But understanding, accepting and appreciating who you are first is our most powerful step to a brighter life and a powerfully empowered future.

{Q} What makes you unique as a stylist? 

 {A}My infectious energy is what makes me truly unique. I care so deeply and so personally for my clients that I take on the role to keeping them inspired, keeping them up to speed and keeping them in check if they every fall out of love with themselves. I am the biggest cheerleader and will stand in support of all my incredible clients as they continue on their paths.   Because of this way of working my clients become dear friends of mine. We connect. We cry. We laugh. We inspire each other.   My clients inspire me as much I as I can for them and that makes our relationships full of life, love and light.   I carry that energy with me always and it fuels my work.   It makes every client experience, personal, fun, passionate and successful and inspired.   A recent client said it very well:   “Spending time with Laurie is like learning from a guru while hanging with your best girlfriend”

{Q} Is having a personal stylist affordable?

{A} Yes. How can you afford not to?  Hiring a personal stylist is an investment in YOU; and you will see a return on that investment time after time. My styling programs are built with you in mind and completely customizable to your styling needs and goals.  Plus, I also provide lower priced program options with my associate stylists.   Each one has apprenticed with me and have been trained directly by me.  This way you will always get the most compassionate, articulate, educated and style trained stylists around.   So whether you work with me directly or one of my amazing associate stylists, we will always have your budget in mind and your personal style covered.

{Q} Is the shopping budget included in your service pricing?

{A}That is a great question, and unfortunately, no. The shopping budget is separate. But this is why I always recommend my to start with a session in your closet before we head out to shop.  This way can make a strategic list of the best items to add to your wardrobe to enhance your current closet and boost your confident style all at the same time.  Then from there?  We evolve into more!  Developing your own unique style is a process. An Evolution.  We build, grow and create together each step of the way.

{Q} How do you use style to empower women?

{A} Feeling empowered as a women to me equates to feeling incredible in your body and skin.  What I’ve experienced with clients is that no matter what body shape they are, when they are educated on how to flatter their shape, then educated on how to design their style to meet their creative desires, their career goals and their lifestyle dreams, you see something change in their eyes.  They are all of a sudden able to look in the mirror and see themselves as feminine, beautiful, slim, taller and that becomes unbelievably empowering.  Style to me is not about fashion.  It’s how you feel inward to express yourself outward.  Empowerment is style.

{Q} What’s one of your favorite stylist success stories with a client?

{A} Every client experience always ends in a success story.  It’s the main reason why I love to do what I do.  And everyone’s success is different, so as each client experiences their own success and that feeling of exhilaration, it re-invigorates me as well! Recently I had a client whose husband passed a way a few years ago and she took over his company as well as tried to get back on her own feet again.  With two children, a massive film set production company and her own clients as a private dietitian and nutritionist, style was left to the wayside and so was her confidence as a woman.  So when getting inside her closet we established that refreshing her wardrobe with newer contemporary pieces in the proper fit and in bolder colors and color blocking, mixed with sparkling statement necklaces and stacked bracelets would give her that bounce back in her step again. We worked together 3 times in her closet as well as shopping for new pieces and each time I’ve watched her choices change, her voice change, her stance change and her energy change! Her love for wearing something thrilling became an exciting part of getting dressed.   Now educated with the right pieces for her body type and proportion, she makes confident choices in her wardrobe, gets compliments from her friends and feels great when she walks out the door everyday to tackle her busy life.  Total success!

{Q} What is your favorite part about styling? 

{A} There is that moment… When it clicks. It’s that moment when my client turns into the mirror for the 3rd or 4th time and actually sees what I see. That she is beautiful, that she has a feminine figure, that she can look slim and feel slim in her wardrobe and that it was all as simple as adding belts into her outfit regimen. It’s at this moment with my clients that my eyes always begin to tear; to know that everything is going to change from that moment on. That my client is going to grow her confidence, feel great about herself and actually have fun getting dressed. It’s a life game changer and I am so blessed to get to watch that happen for so many.   I built a talk around this magical moment. It’s called “A Great Belt and an Open Mind” {tm} it’s my never fail style solution for women who have lost touch with them selves to regain control, to see themselves as gorgeous, and discovering the key to unlocking their life’s potential.

{Q} What inspires you, Laurie?

{A} People inspire me. One of my other favorite parts of my job is to hear the stories from my clients about their lives, their experiences and their ups and downs. While every single woman is different, at the core we are all the same. We yearn for acceptance, yearn for love and just want to feel good about our choices.   It’s those experiences that shape who we are and it’s what I call our “Style Stories”. It’s the story that has shaped our style and in many cases, not for the best. Overtime we use wardrobe and style to hide these stories and built up insecurities. And when I hear these stories, that is my cue.   Working to help my clients embrace their personal story, work through it with style and to then re-write a new story for their lives

{Q} What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from styling?

{A} I’ve learned that women are unstoppable, if we only believed in ourselves. It’s amazing what the power of style can do for the soul. I call it Stylepowerment{tm}. It’s the idea that when we finally embrace who we are and dress ourselves to feel exactly how we want to feel, that we as women can change the world.   So many times, myself included, women get down on themselves, become overrun with exhaustion, and literally think that there is no way to climb out of their life slump. But, I stand witness to how the art of style and confidence-building, can change all of that. And I’ve learned that it is possible for every single one of us to break through our fears and our insecurities to emerge limitless in our potential. 

{Q} Do you have any advice for someone just starting out as a stylist?

{A} Starting your own business comes with it’s ups and downs, so I created this mantra when I started that really embodied every emotion, pep talk and resolve when I hit the bumpy roads. I would say to myself: “Passion. Persistence. Patience. Perseverance.” The four P’s that meant everything to me and are a guide to building your dream life.   First you have to be passionate about what you do. Hands down, if you are not passionate about it, then it won’t be worth the climb. Then you have to be persistent as you go. Continuing to climb no matter what. Even if you fall, even if you have to backtrack, even if you think you failed, you have to keep going. Patience is next. Because the truth is, building a successful business takes time. More time than you realize so if you hold yourself to unrealistic expectations, you will always feel disappointed. No matter how long you think it will take… assume it will take longer than that. And lastly perseverance. To break through. To make it to the top and to continue to climb even when you get there.   Bottom line, if you LOVE this career. Don’t ever stop. It isn’t an easy road but the view from the top is pretty fantastic and in the end, will be worth it.