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An organized closet means a happier you

Did you know that an organized closet means a happier you?

Yes! It’s true.

I can even guarantee that we can all agree on this: a disorganized or messy closet leaves us frustrated, uninspired and bored of our style and our selves. You know the feeling!

That is why the concept of “closet real estate” is an important term to consider when it comes to your closet. Understanding this is going to support a more creative closet experience as well as lead to a happier you. Because a happy, organized closet is truly a happier you!

Think about it this way… each hanger and each garment you own is taking up the “real estate” in your closet. When you hold onto the tired, worn, dusty, unfit, unflattering and uninspired pieces, that clutter can make your morning styling decisions not only a challenge, but also force us in to a “lazy” style decision. (Read: we revert to our famously easy to grab 20% go-to in our wardrobe.)

So why are you holding on to items you don’t wear?

We all have reasons why we hold onto pieces. Either we wore it on that special date and it has a nostalgic feeling. Or you purchased that interesting new top but haven’t figured out how to incorporate it into your day to day look. Or perhaps, it was a gift from Grandma (that, let’s face it, you will NEVER wear). Or even it’s a piece that you love but feel like you need an “occasion” to wear it.

Our closets are stuffed with these items, and when we are staring them down, it becomes increasingly difficult to be creative and thoughtful with your clothes — as each morning everything gets a “not this because…. and not this because…”

That is no way to live!

So it’s time to get organized and clean up that real estate of yours so you can have a happier closet experience. Here are a couple of easy tips to give you some real estate relief.

  • Change out all your hangers so that you have the same hanger throughout your closet. The consistency will already feel less cluttered, even if you haven’t removed one item yet.
  • Take all family gifts that you’ve never worn and remove them from your closet (please donate to a charity of your choice) I promise you they will never know and I give you permission to do it! If Granny asks where that cozy sweater is that she knitted for you, tell her it’s at the dry cleaners.
  • Move all items for the opposite season out of the way. Shrink them in vacuum packs under your bed, or even just simply move them all the way to the far depths of your closet so you don’t have to look at them.
  • Categorize and color coordinate! Refer to my blog on creating a closet you love first! Then take each item you own and love and categorize them into into, tops, pants, dresses, jackets etc. Then organize each category into colors. That way you can see exactly what you have and can easier grab the colors and pieces you need when getting dressed.

Do these tips you and you will be well on your way to having a much easier and a much happier time getting dressed with what you already own. Even if you don’t feel like you have a sense of your style yet, by honoring your “closet real estate” with organization, you can at least remove the stress and cluttered mindset that kicks off each and every morning and replace it with a happier and and more focused intention when you get dressed for the day.

Photo by Shelly Waldman Photography