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Find your  style
Change your  life.

Join the Stylepowerment™ Revolution today!

Inspiring Style, Body-Confidence and Possibilities

LaurieBstyle is your place for Stylepowerment. Style isn’t just about the clothes. It’s about showing the world who you are from the inside out. That is why we believe in YOUR Stylepowerment™. From the stage, to the screen to your very own private personal styling and shopping sessions, LaurieBstyle® is here to support you and your evolving style journey. Let Laurie teach you the tools of style, while inspiring you live your best life. That is the magic of our work and the powerful energy of possibility that you can take with you out the door, each and every morning.

Style, Expertise, Personality, & Strategy.

Laurie Brucker is your go to on-camera expert, style ambassador and so much more. She offer’s realistic advice that is attainable, creative, practical, and fun. She believes that everyone deserves to find their own style and by infusing Stylepowerment™ in everything she does, Laurie is the inspirational and aspirational spokeswoman for the everyday woman.

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