Laurie Brucker stylist

It’s getting cold out there! But just because it’s chilly doesn’t mean your style should suffer.

Don’t be overwhelmed by which winter must-haves to get–today I’m breaking down for you my favorite items to invest in this season.  So grab your favorite sweaters from last year and style them with these updated basics!  It’s officially time for a winter wardrobe refresh.

Surprising sparkle

It’s so easy to grab a sequined shirt or a sparkling necklace at this time of year–but why not go for something more surprising? I’m loving sequined pencil skirts, clutches or even jackets (!!). Try it and you might even surprise yourself with how much you love the look.

Denim (on sale)

Real talk: Right now, denim prices are the highest they have ever been.  I mean, $200-plus for a single pair of jeans?!  Well, don’t fret, the holidays are the best time to get denim on sale.  With winter sales clearing the floor for new spring product, denim is one item and trend that never changes season to season.  Light wash, gray wash, black, or classic blue–there’s a style and shape out there for you, and you can find it at a bargain right now.

A fabulous hat

I have been obsessing over the pink wide-brimmed hat Lady Gaga is wearing on the album cover for Joanne this season. A hat like this is the perfect piece to add a touch of personality to your look this winter, in soft pink or any color you choose. Find one in wool and you’ll keep your head warm and your outfit stylish.  Plus, you can wear your hat casually or dressy. It’s chic with a T-shirt, jeans,  loafers and camel coat, or a black billowing blouse, skinny jeans, boots and faux fur jacket. Win-win!

A bold coat

Stand out in a sea of dark colors and winter lighting. It’s time to invest in a knockout coat–whether it’s colorful faux fur, patterned wool, color block or a bright, oversize puffer. I promise you’ll feel happy stepping out in something bright and colorful this season, even if the temps are below 0–or, you know, below 60 in California. Brrr! 

Boots to boot!

This winter, it’s all about the knee-high boot.  Whether in flat riding boot style, or a stacked heel with a nod to the ’70s, go knee-high or go home.  What I love about this trend is that it adds extra warmth to your legs, covering your leggings or your skinny jeans. Also, want to know a secret stylist trick?  Fold up your pants and secure them with a sock to ensure they stay slim and fitted into your boots all day long. The more you know!

Which of these is your favorite? Leave a comment and let me know!