How to be a Stylist and Entrepreneur

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 I had the absolute honor to film and interview with one of my dear colleagues and friends Jaclyn Mullen.  Aka: Jaclyn of all Trades!  She is a social media / marketing guru, and spark of entrepreneurial energy.    Sit back and enjoy the inspiration of  how to be  stylist and entrepreneur, as we talk about […]

Just a real girl…


  You know being a real girl caught in the materialistic fashion world that I live in sometimes takes it’s toll.  Like everyone else I completely have my insecurities.  And especially in the fashion world it’s really easy to get down on yourself .  But over the past year of building my business, finding my […]

Acura ILX x LaurieBstyle Test Drive Success

Laurie Brucker Acura ILX

What a week and weekend!  There were so many fun adventures in my Acura ILX!  Here’s just a bit of a teaser of what’s to come!  I can’t wait to share with you my stories and videos  There’s still time to tweet with me!  Hastag #weekwithILX and don’t forget to leave me comments!  There’s a […]

Laurie Brucker and Style For Hire: Westfield Mall Tour is here!

Laurie Brucker, Style for Hire

I’m testing out a new way to video! I’ve seen a few of these online and I decided I wanted to try it myself! What do you think?? I hope you like it, because I will make as many as your style loving and inquiring hearts desire! And let me know by leaving me a […]

Tuesday Style Video! 5 Tips to being a Great Shopper

Laurie 5 tips video screen shot

  Now that you are a brushed up on your Fall Must Haves, It’s time to go out and shop! Todays Tuesday Style Video is all about 5 tips to being a great shopper But shopping is such a chore for most and I am here to make that easier for you! SO here are […]