New Years to Now: Make your New Years Eve dress last into 2013!

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I truly believe that every piece we own, can be worn in multiple ways.  When I first work with my clients they will look at a dress and just see a dress, but by the time we are done, that persprective completely changes.  This is how we start to create our own unique sense of style. By taking one piece and […]

Today’s Styling Tip: How to Style a Borelli Design Scarf in 3 Ways

Borelli Scarf

I’m so excited to share and announce that on July 1st I will be offering my very first giveaway for you all! In partnership with the fabulous Borelli Design company I will be giving away one of their incredibly versatile scarves. Why Borelli Scarves? Here’s the short list: A lightweight scarf is perfect for the summer and summer […]

Menswear Monday: Fall 2012 Top Trends


Last fall, menswear took a serious sartorial turn and there is no looking back! Neutral colors and minimal accessories took a backseat to funky patterns, take-notice color palettes, and statement accessories. Fall 2012 is all about dressing with panache. This season’s top trends drew inspiration from the modern dandy. The modern dandy is a man […]

Menswear Monday: Fall 2011 Wearable Trends

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In the past, men’s fashion has been very neutral, predictable, and boring. Color palettes are typically restricted to “masculine” colors, and accessories are kept to a minimum. Not this fall – it’s time to kick boring to the curb! Fall trends are dictating a new flair in men’s fashion without losing everyday appeal. Trench Coats— […]