Professional Dress as Inspired by Street Wear Style

Street Wear

After such a fantastic response, I thought I would create another inspiring, professional style post based on European street wear.  There is just something about the way the rich and historic cobble streets create such a bevy of creative stylings.  These women are fabulous from head to toe – in every detail, pattern, texture and […]

Inspired Style: Fall Foliage Road Warrior

Fall foliage inspired fashion

Considering this week’s newsletter (which you are all subscribed to right???…  No?  Okay go to the top corner of the post and sign up!  You’re missing out on style wisdom, advice and a twice monthly happy pick me up … but I digress…)  Where was I?  Oh right – Considering this week’s newsletter was all […]

Freestyle Friday: Happy Halloween!

Sonnet & Laurie - 2009

This may come as a shock, but Halloween is one of my least favorite holidays.  Now don’t get me wrong, I loooove a good costume party, but for some reason coming up with a costume has always been one of my shortcomings.  I guess I just have this thing about costumes.  I don’t want something […]

Freestyle Friday: Colors That Make Me Happy

nyc inspiration2

Color speaks to me. And I always find it so funny how when I am just out there on the streets and inspired, a color story comes to life on its own. I am so consistent with what I like and what catches my eye, that I sometimes surprise myself! So while in New York […]

Freestyle Friday: New York in a Nutshell

NYC inspiration

I think that pretty much sums it up! Well… actually this is just one side of the many sides of my story… I always say inspiration comes from everywhere for me! From graffiti, to ombre fencing (so cool!), to broken glass, to building reflections, to ironic architectural lines (aka: an upside down ladder) and brilliant […]