Mens shorts suit: A do or dont? LaurieBstyle weighs in for

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For decades, men in the corporate world have shunned shorts as office attire — even during the most sweltering summers. But the days of sweating in suits may soon be over. More men are testing out shorts in the workplace, perhaps in part spurred by the social media movement #FreeTheKnee, urging men everywhere to show some […]

Peak Marketer Podcast: Professional Style with Laurie Brucker

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I’m thrilled to share another fantastic podcast interview I did with Bill Guthrie of the Peak Marketer Podcast!! We are talking all about how your professional wardrobe style can enhance your business and career! A great listen for both men and women. Share with me one thing you learned in the comments below! Click here to listen […]

Mens Shoes: What Your Shoes Say About You?

What Your Shoes Say About You

Story by Aly Walansky via Every Joe A question for the guys: what do you think your shoes say about you? Believe it or not, someone can take one look at your shoes and instantly form their opinion of you. For me, I see a guy wearing skater shoes and I categorize them as a little immature […]

Why Every Guy Needs a Personal Uniform

Why Every Guy Needs a Personal Uniform

Story by Aly Walansky via Every Joe Aly Walansky writes an inspiring article for Every Joe that outlines why every guy needs a personal uniform. Guys, this is very important for those of you (which is most of you, I’ll bet!) that do not particularly care for getting dressed in the morning. If you have a specific, […]

Oscars 2014 Red Carpet Favorite Fashion and Accessory Trends

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Truly this was one of my favorite Red Carpet’s to date!   The Oscars 2014 really brought the bling, the drama and the jewels, (…like seriously BIG jewels).  So without further adieu let’s jump right into my Oscars 2014 red carpet favorite fashion and accessory trends and why I absolutely love them. Plunging Necklines  {Lupito […]