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What our incredible clients are saying!

What our incredible clients are wearing!

What our incredible clients are saying!

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Laurie came to my house and was fabulous! Being a woman over 50 and actively “dating” I have struggled with “what to wear” for several years now! She went through my closet and paired items I already had and yet together they were “fresh” and felt new! Other than a few “nude” shoes there wasn’t anything I really had to add to my wardrobe AND I “let go” of over two bags of sweaters, tops and pants that were so outdated and gave me the “frumps”!!

She was so helpful and the pictures are amazing because it gave me a visual on what did look good so I wouldn’t forget in the moment! She gave me tips on what Jewelry to wear with each outfit and made it so easy for me now to just go in and “grab” an outfit for a date or a Networking event!

As a new business owner and Entrepreneur I have struggled with Over or Under dressing for client meetings. Again with her helpful suggestions I was able to use what I had to create new and fresh looks!

THANK YOU!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Laurie!! You are a “Goddess!”!! Big hugs!

~Wendy R. Goddess Insight, Total Breakthrough Connections

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I want to give a long overdue endorsement to someone you should know – Laurie Brucker of LaurieBstyle Image Consultant & Stylist. In this town of many stylists, Laurie is a standout as a stylist and image consultant for all kinds of real women – and men. She combines enormous wisdom, vision and fashion sense with genuine down-to-earth charm and enthusiasm. Laurie is the go-to choice because beyond fashion for fashion’s sake, she approaches image and fashion as a means for empowerment and a tool for intention. She strives to ensure that your best inner self matches how you project yourself to the world. Thank you for giving me a big shove as I was inching towards change and for sharing my glee on the journey. heart emoticon
From shopping in your closet to shopping with and for you, spending time with Laurie is like learning from a guru while hanging with your best girlfriend… and how can that be anything but good? You can read more about her services, accolades and anecdotes on her FB page and blog, but friends, let’s just say – now seems like a pretty good time for a reboot, right? And tell her I sent you!

~Naomi G. NLG Communications

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Laurie is the best. Simply the best! She can come to your home, go shopping with you or even do style sessions over Skype!

I have had her come to shop my closet twice so far. I love that she takes a look at your closet make so many fresh, polished look. What I loved the most was that you don’t end up with a long shopping list. She truly picks from the things you have!

To truly take advantage of her skills, you have to do your homework and prepare. Take all accessories out and organize them. Have your shoes and purse ready to go too. Pull looks on the cloth app, Pinterest and cuttings from magazines. You’ll be happy you did.

She has an upbeat personality and can help you camouflage many of your figure issues. Just be honest and she will address your concerns. The best? She’s fun!! My husband loves the final results.

~Jasmine R

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Laurie came to my house and transformed my life in a couple of hours, I know image is not everything in life but it makes a huge difference to feel beautiful and to feel confident in your self daily.


We shopped at my closet and it was amazing I was a little afraid (ok a lot) about what she would say about my style and clothes, honestly I was waiting for her to “put me down” as many people have by saying I dress like and “older lady” but she was so nice! She was very honest but very nice, she builded my confidence up and found so many things in my own closet that made me just look awesome! It was just about changing my perspective and idea I had of my clothes.

I kept most of my word rove but learned how to make it work for me!


A couple of friends have told me you can find a lot of info on YouTube or websites about how to dress and it’s true, but nothing like a personalized visit I your house by an expert looking at your clothes and your likes and style and taking your essence in consideration to make you look wonderful with what you already own!

When we went to the store I faced different challenges but learned soon that with the new rules learned and a list on mind the store was not that scary anymore and for the very first time in my life when I shopped alone I felt I really enjoyed the experience !

I’m so thankful for Laurie, she’s so nice and Down to earth , she accommodates to your schedule, needs, style , costumes and values and helps you discover YOU a better and awesome you! Not a super model , not a rock star just a better and confident and awesome you!

And that’s exactly what I needed!

I’m a mom and it’s hard to spend in yourself without feeling guilty , but let me tell you I saved my money for this and I can tell you it was worth every penny.

Now I’m q happy confident woman! And everyday I stand I front of my closet I feel happy and excited to get dressed instead of staring for hours and feeling crappy with my choices. And the best part it’s that it’s most of my “old” clothes all working for me and making me look awesome!

Thank you so much Laurie.

~Oliva G.

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Laurie worked her magic on me and I’m loving all the compliments. I had lost weight and needed to get some new clothes. Figured I’d get help from an expert to help me have a coordinated look without spending a fortune. Laurie was awesome to work with! She helped me see the clothes in my closet with new eyes and helped me choose lovely reasonably priced outfits. I look great and have much more confidence in choosing something that I feel and look great in. I won’t be gaining that weight back. I look too fabulous with my new wardrobe to want to go back. I highly recommend Laurie. It was a great investment in myself.

~Maria E.

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“One day I stumbled upon one of Laurie’s YouTube videos where she was talking about style. I loved her energy and her upbeat positive vibe. I was recently single, in my late 40s and decided it was time for me to do something for myself that I had always wanted to do. As a child, I lived in uniforms in the day and tights and leotards for ballet class at night. I had never had a good sense of style. So I decided it was time, and I hired Laurie to clean my closet out and go shopping with me. A long deserved treat to myself. My main goal was to find age appropriate clothing that I felt pretty, sexy and fashionable in. With her expertise, it soon became clear what my style was evolving into. With the pieces of clothing and accessories we bought, it made so many amazing outfits. I realize now, that before I met Laurie, I spent more money on the wrong clothes that didn’t even make me feel good about myself . Laurie actually saved me money in the long run.

Now when I go out, I have the confidence that I’m in style. I feel pretty and I get compliments again. Even my former boyfriend complimented me on my outfit which I was shocked, since he hadn’t commented about what I looked like in seven years. Because of Laurie, I’m looking at clothes and fashion differently. When I see someone wearing something I like, I compliment them instead of just thinking they look nice or liking what they are wearing. And voila, I just made a new friend! Laurie changed my entire outlook on life and because of her help I feel pretty again.”

~Maria S.

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