brand-gals-lauriebstyle-6Entrepreneurs will agree that creating a brand that resonates with the clients you’re marketing to is almost an automatic professional response. We strive hard to make the perfect logo, choose the right colors, find the most appropriate graphics and the collect the dreamiest, most Pinterest-worthy imagery. But so many times we forget a piece to the branding puzzle: our style!

Our personal style is not only just how we express ourselves, it’s also our visual business card. It’s how we carry yourself, and our brand, out into the world. Whether networking with colleagues, taking meetings, or even running errands, style is the first thing people see about you. Have you ever taken a hard look at your overall style and asked yourself, “What does my style say about me?”

This isn’t about whether you are wearing brand new Louboutin heels, a Hermes handbag or the latest trendy dress you picked up at Nordstrom. It’s about your own personal self-expression as the representation of who you are and how your honor your business. Style is the unsung hero for a strong, empowered entrepreneur. It’s the perfect tool to lift you up on a tough day, empower you as you walk into a meeting, or even to create the law of attraction around you.

So what does it take to create your own empowered style? As a personal stylist for professional women, I believe personal style comes from five key points.

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