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As a young girl, I always fantasized about sitting on Mount Olympus with the Greek gods. Their stories delighted my imagination. I knew every god and every story, and could recite every detail by heart. Want to know how peacocks got their eyes on their feathers?  That’s thanks to Hera.  How the seasons come about?  That story (one of my personal favorites) is the saga of Demeter, Persephone and Hades. Yep, I’m a total Greek mythology geek. Loud and proud! So when I had an opportunity to go to Greece and see my favorite stories come to life in ancient Greek structures, columns, ruins, and history, my heart skipped a beat and my bag was instantly packed. Fresh off of a quick and very creative trip to Israel, my fiancé and I ventured to Greece for Part II of our impromptu spring excursion.

Here’s what I learned on this trip:

It’s okay to wear the same few items more than a few times. (I lived in my star printed T-shirt!)

Layering is your best friend! Especially when you pack in a color story, which is one of my favorite travel tips.

Keep your accessory styling to a minimum.  You don’t want to be fussing with jewelry or other outfit details that will take away from your overall experience.

Always have your camera handy for the perfect photo op.  When traveling, they literally are on every corner.

Put down your phone and be present with your surroundings, yourself and your travel partner. (This is key!)

Acknowledge big moments with a pause and deep, full belly breaths.  This helps you take in every ounce of what you’re witnessing.  When I got to the top of the Acropolis,  I closed my eyes and meditated on a bench facing the grandeur of the Parthenon.  I also cried! It was literally my childhood dream come true!

Don’t be afraid to ask people to take your photo for you.  In these days of selfie sticks, it’s really nice to see a classic, unrehearsed, full body photo.

If you are traveling with your loved one, make sure to find romance in every moment.  Hold hands, connect with your eyes, make out in public. (I mean… why not?!)

Let your soul guide you. Sometimes you should just throw perfectly put-together plans out the window and roam.

Always wear sunscreen and always pack a stylish hat!  It’s the perfect outfit topper to make a simple jeans, T-shirt and sneaker look stylish at any given moment.

Be adventurous and try new foods and cuisines.  They are so worth it.

Get rest while you travel! Some days we walked 6-9 miles (!). A good night’s sleep can help you stay energized throughout the day.

Stop to look at street fashion and store windows.  When I was a fashion designer, I used to travel to Europe to trend forecast for American brands. There is so much inspiration in how different cultures interpret trends–and you can use that to influence your own style.

If you see something so spectacular, different, beautiful, unique and amazing, while shopping, get it! Don’t stop yourself because of your budget. Put it on your credit card and you’ll figure it out later. Treat yourself to shopping for unique finds while traveling. Skip the “ tourist tees” and instead find a necklace, a handbag, blouse or a dress that nobody else will have when you wear it at home. It will be worth every penny!

Magic awaits.


A dream come to life. I was tearing up at this moment. I can’t believe I was here!

The awe-inspiring Parthenon took my breath away at every turn.

Street arts, cats and my fiancé…all my favorite things in one photo.

Pulling into the picturesque Hydra Island for the most magical day of small walkways, cool shopping, island cats sleeping and the “European way” of winning at life.

We spent a day on a cruise, stopping off at a few islands, and it was another dream come true. Yes! These places on earth truly exist.

Meow! Dinner time on Hydra Island.

I mean, this sign was meant for me!

Inspiration around every corner and down every corridor.

Always prepared with a hat to up the ante on any outfit! (Also my color story for this trip was nailed. Black, white, denim, and dusty pink.)

Didn’t I say to make out wherever you can? This small alley way on the island of Hydra was the perfect spot.

So what are the best lessons you learned from traveling?  What do you cherish the most while you are on an adventure? Share with me!


Hello, Westfield Century City Macy’s!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of joining the Macy’s Century City grand re-opening and makeover showcase!  And let me tell you, it did not disappoint!   I didn’t know what to expect but when I walked through the doors at 10 a.m. on April 8 with hundreds of excited shoppers, but my jaw dropped.

The store is bright, white, bold with pops of color, and something fun around every corner.  From free coffee, to face painting, lipstick reading to chocolate tastings, to mini-manicures to live demos and celebrity meet and greets,  Macy’s has officially bloomed into a more sophisticated, sassier, sexier store!  With new spring collections throughout the store, displays that are Instagram-worthy, and a vibe that says “be inspired and let’s shop,” Macy’s has outdone itself–and it’s the perfect addition to the newly renovated Westfield Century City.

One of the highlights, for me, was getting an opportunity to hang out with Lawrence Zarian. I’ve been following his career for some time now and I fully “fan-girled” over meeting him.  #starstruck! And it was double the trouble as Gregory (Lawrence’s identical twin brother) was also there. We found him down in the menswear department demo-ing how to tie the perfect tie. #nailedit!

From live models styled in spring’s hottest looks, to the cutest displays, Macy’s Century City officially tops my must-shop list for spring. I mean, how “Laurie” are these outfits?!

All in all, it was quite the fun day at the new store launch! And I cannot wait to go shopping.  With spring in full effect, there is nothing better than adding some fresh new style to your look. Want to come join me at Macy’s? Book a private style session with me and let’s game-change that closet.

Love my outfit?  You can style it too!  My Blouse and my pants are from Macy’s!

*This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of Macy’s; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


Back in February, when my fiance Mike found out he had to go to Israel for work, I literally said to him, “When are we leaving?!” Within a few days, and only one month out from his departure, we’d booked tickets for me to go meet him on the other side of the world to create the adventure of a lifetime.

While Mike was already traveling for his work, I flew into Tel Aviv to create a mini-adventure of my own before we hopped on a plane to Greece together. (More about that soon!  You can pop onto Instagram and check out some of my photos from the trip in the meantime.)  My agenda in Israel?  To meet up with one of my best friends from NYC, who now lives in Tel Aviv, to eat, to shop, and live like a local.  (Can you say Nutella for breakfast?! Yum!)

And ahead of this trip, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun to do a photoshoot while I am in Israel?”  I love taking photographs myself, but truthfully, I love being the subject of them, too! (I blame my years of stage work, singing and musical theater!  Yes, I’m a total ham. Surprised? ) So I connected with Shani Scarlett Kagan, a local photographer who is whimsical, creative and inspired, just like me!

The photo adventure started with me borrowing a bike from my hotel, The White Villa, in Tel Aviv and heading down Ben Zion street until I hit the Mediterranean sea. With my purse in the front basket, I turned left and hit the bike path down the coast line to Jaffa. (Hello, almost 4,000-year-old ancient port!) With the waves crashing high, the wind blowing in my hair, the sun on my back and my poncho flying behind me like a superhero cape, I truly felt invincible.  I felt like my best self.

And regardless of a little sweat when I arrived in Jaffa, Shani and I jumped right into our adventure together–walking up the back alleyways and pathways of Jaffa to find unique corners, tunnels, colors, views, cats and so much more.  We just played around, shooting at every cool corner and spot, and it was an absolutely blast! Shani was full of creative ideas and knew a bunch of great hidden locations.  It was incredible to collaborate with her as we spontaneously spent our afternoon together.

And as we climbed steps, walked through colorful crowds and sipped coffee by the sea, I was constantly in awe of how amazing it was to be surrounded by, and to touch with my own fingertips, walls and structures that are about 4,000 years old.  It really makes you think deeply about life, about history, about our place in the universe, about our place in time and, especially for me, connecting to my Judaism. In Israel, I felt connected to my deepest self. I felt strong, worthy, empowered, inspired and ready to take on anything life threw my way.  It was a noticeable moment of feeling invincible. I created this. I manifested an idea, brought it to life with Shani’s help, and truly felt like I present in my body. And it was extraordinary.

This experience felt like a once in a lifetime kind of event.  To throw caution to the wind, hop on a bike and do an inspired photoshoot while traveling the world. I am forever grateful to Shani for joining me on this adventure, and I am proud of myself for doing something a little outside of my comfort zone … especially on the other side of the planet.

So where does that leave me today?  It makes me realize that taking charge of my destiny really is as simple as taking action, taking a chance and rolling with the punches. Traveling always brings out the best in me.  And that should also cross over into my everyday life.  (Easier said than done!)

But I’ll be exploring that concept on the blog soon. Being my best me, everyday a constant work in progress. But the major takeaway from this trip is that I am invincible,  I am worthy, I am capable and I am the master of my own destiny. And it’s time to create that same feeling every single day of my life.  From the ground level up.

How are you going to do this, too? Leave a comment and let me know.

P.S. For more about Shani, my amazing photographer, visit her website And stay tuned, as I will be releasing more photos on Instagram  from our shoot and the trip in the days to come!  Yes!  There is SO. MUCH. MORE.


Ever have one of those moments when you are staring yourself in the mirror and suddenly you say to yourself, Is this me?

Well, it happened to me over the weekend, and it felt like a light bulb flashed right above my head. I had a breakthrough I didn’t even know I needed–at, it turns out, a time when I needed it the most.

Friday morning, I went to my ah-mazing and long time hairdresser Danai from Maven Beverly Hills for a refresher.  My hair had lost its shape, felt tired, the color had grown out, and I was feeling uninspired (With my hair and in general.)  We’ve been playing around with my hair color and cut for a while now, but Friday was the day we decided to bring up my honey blonde highlights to the top of my head.  (I’m blonde!!)

Changing hair color has always symbolized, to me, that I was ready for something to change. Had a breakup?  Dyed my hair. Left a job? Dyed my hair. Felt like things weren’t moving forward in my business?  Yep! I dyed my hair.  Even if I couldn’t effect any change anywhere else in my life, I could at least change my hair.

But something different happened this time. I was just in for a regular hair update–not looking for something drastic. Which reflects how I’ve been feeling recently: a bit blah, a bit stuck and plain ol’ exhausted.  When that happens, I have a hard time seeing the light in my work, in my own personal power and in my life.  But thanks to a hair refresher, left the salon feeling fresh possibilities around me and that was a great start.

And here’s where things got interesting.

That night I went out to the movies with my fiance, Mike. I wore torn denim, lace up gold heels, an easy tee and a leather jacket–one of my favorite go-to looks. Easy and stylish.  I felt great, and I almost forgot I looked different–until I went to the restroom to wash my hands and looked up into the mirror. And there before me was somebody else!

I mean, it was me, but the person looking back was confident, beautiful, powerful, stylish and BLONDE. And then it hit me: This is what people see when they see me.  How come I don’t see myself this way?  And what if I did start to see myself the way others do?

And, that’s when that lightbulb went off above my head. I looked at my reflection and said to myself, This is me. Own it, girlfriend.

And there you have it. A simple, unexpected, unplanned hair update completely changed my perspective on myself. Turns out I wasn’t owning who I am; I was just gliding through the world instead of acknowledging the unique statement I make in it. I am strong, confident, beautiful and powerful–that’s how people see me. And when I match that perception by looking at myself that way–well, then I’m unstoppable.

Now one big question remains:  What good can I do and influence with all this personal power? Stay tuned…

Photography by Shelly Waldman

Laurie-B-Style_Shelly-Waldman-23One of my first fashion memories is of going shopping at the Westfield Century City Mall here in L.A. with my mom–and every time we’d go, we’d always do a walk through in the Macy’s.  For us it was about being creative, shopping and of course, bonding.  I’d pick out all of my favorite clothing, jewelry and accessories. It was so much fun and looking back on that time with my mom gives me so much happy nostalgia.

Now, years later, that very same Macy’s has gotten a makeover–and as a makeover specialist myself, I couldn’t be more excited. On April 8, Macy’s Century City is throwing a huge store grand re-opening party, and after all the waiting,  it’s about time we celebrate.  And not just celebrate the makeover, but also the beginning of Spring!  It’s finally here!  Bring on the florals, light weight fabrics and the perfect sandals.   There’ll be gift cards for the first 100 people, mini makeovers, a chance to win a VIP trip to NYC and other great prizes and demonstrations throughout the store. I can’t wait to see you there!

And if you can’t make it to the Century City event, Macy’s has tons of other fashionable and fabulous events lined up through the month of April. So much to celebrate! Here’s the calendar.

Store Grand Re-Opening, Century City

Date: Saturday, April 8, 2017

Event time: 10 a.m.

Location: Macy’s Century City, Throughout the Store

We’re kicking off our Grand Opening at Macy’s Century City with fun events, top fashions, chances to win great prizes and more, hosted by our special celebrity guest Eileen Davidson from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!  The first 100 people in line when the doors open will receive a $20 Macy’s Gift Card, with one lucky guest’s card valued at $500! You’ll also have chances to win* a VIP trip to New York City for the 91st Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade®, along with other great prizes throughout the store. I’ll be there, so make sure to come say hi!

ARRIVE EARLY! The excitement starts at 9:30 a.m. with tunes from our DJ to get you pumped up for the official ribbon cutting ceremony with our store team and City Officials.

FASHION PRESENTATION: Women’s Fashion, 10 a.m.  Join us to see the hottest trends come to life and meet celebrity stylist and celebrated author, Lawrence Zarian, as he guides you through the must haves for spring 2017. Plus, enjoy a meet & greet with our special guest Eileen Davidson from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.*

GET MOVING: Active Department, 10 a.m. Get fit for the new year with free class passes from Soul Cycle*!

MAKEOVER MANIA: Cosmetics Department, 10AM. Enjoy mini- manicures and meet our lipstick reader who will reveal your must have lipstick color for spring! Be immortalized by our portrait artist* and then stop by your favorite cosmetic counter for can’t-miss beauty tips. Plus, enjoy special gifts with purchase throughout the day.

A PRIZE FROM PRINCE CHARMING: Women’s & Men’s Shoes, 10AM. Experience the royal treatment as our very own Prince & Princess Charming slips you into our footwear. If the shoe fits, it’s yours to keep*! Plus receive a complimentary monogrammed dust bag* with your qualifying purchase.

CELEBRATE HOME: Home Department, 10 a.m. Visit our Home Department and get the inside scoop on the best Home products from our experts. Plus, enjoy samples from our favorite vendors including Nespresso & Godiva Chocolate throughout the department as well as special enter to win opportunities*.

MENS CORNER: Men’s Department, 10AM. Hey guys, want to update your look for Spring? Come to the Men’s department where we’ll highlight the key pieces every guy needs in his wardrobe. While you’re here, learn how to tie together the perfect outfit from head to toe from our experts. Sip on refreshing coffee while you shop!

Plus at 2:30 p.m. have a chance to meet L.A. Lakers power forward Brandon Ingram & have your photo taken with him*.

KIDS FUN: KIDS Department, 10AM. Come meet & take a picture with our special guest Hello Kitty! Don’t forget to snag a special creation from our balloon artist & then get a colorful new look from our face painter while you’re here!

* Events subject to change or cancellation. While supplies last, while time permits. Purchases must be made at Macy’s Century City on April, 8, 2017.  ** Valid at Macy’s Century City on Saturday, April 8, 2017. Elements subject to change or cancellation. While supplies last, no purchase necessary. Must be 18 years or older to enter, winner need not be present to win.

Celebrate Spring!

Date: Saturday, April 8, 2017

Time: 2 p.m.

Location: Macy’s Fashion Island, Women’s Fashion Department – Level 3

Celebrate Spring! Join Host AJ Gibson (Good Day LA!, Access Hollywood LIVE!, The Wendy Williams Show) and Fashion Influencer & Glam Queen, Solange Nicole for our 2017 Spring Fashion Show, as Macy’s brings you the Must-Have Trends of the season!

After the show, let Solange and our MyStylists guide you through their favorite tips and tricks to elevate your wardrobe for the spring and beyond!

Let mini-makeover stations glam you up, visit our Wall of Chance, enjoy live entertainment, incredible enter-to-win opportunities,  our virtual photo spot, refreshing mocktails and more! Plus, with any purchase in Women’s fashion of $75 or more, receive an exclusive engraved keychain necklace*.

* Events subject to change or cancellation. While supplies last, while time permits. Purchases must be made at Macy’s Fashion Island on 4/8/17.



Celebrate Spring!

Date: Saturday, April 22, 2017

Time: 2 p.m.

Location: Macys Century City, Women’s Fashion Department – Level 2

Celebrate the must haves for Spring with Macy’s Century City! Enjoy a fashion presentation with our special host, passed refreshments, makeup tips & tricks from our experts & tunes from our DJ! Plus with any $50 purchase in Women’s Fashion, you’ll receive a heart keychain necklace!*

* Events subject to change or cancellation. While supplies last, while time permits. Purchases must be made at Macy’s Century City on 4/22/17.


Eileen Fisher Event

Date: Saturday April 22, 2017

Time: 11 a.m.

Location: Macy’s Pasadena, Eileen Fisher Department- Level 2

Join EILEEN FISHER for a Spring fashion presentation of the must haves for the season. Enjoy a seated fashion presentation with our EILEEN FISHER specialist & after the show, shop the looks while enjoying tunes from our DJ. Plus receive a great gift with your qualifying EILEEN FISHER purchase.*

* Events subject to change or cancellation. While supplies last, while time permits. Purchases must be made at Macy’s Pasadena on 4/22/17.


Festival Event

Date: Saturday, April 29, 2017

Time: 2 p.m.

Location: Macy’s South Coast Plaza, Women’s Fashion – Level 1

Get festival ready with Macy’s South Coast Plaza! Enjoy informal modeling of the hottest looks for your festival adventures, while enjoying tunes from our DJ & exciting event activations throughout the department!

* Events subject to change or cancellation. While supplies last, while time permits. Purchases must be made at Macy’s South Coast Plaza on 4/29/17


Cooking Demonstration

Date: Saturday April 29, 2017

Time: 12 p.m.

Location: Macy’s South Coast Plaza, The Kitchen – Main Level

Join Janelle Copeland, Cake Wars Champion and owner of The Cake Mamas, for a colorful day of baking fun!  Blossom while you bake, and learn how to decorate your very own flower cupcakes alongside Janelle.  Learn tips and tricks to turn your kitchen into a bonafide bakery, and leave with four floral cupcakes that you create!  The more the merrier are encouraged in this kitchen, because when there’s baking involved, it’s bound to be a sweet day at Macy’s!

* Events subject to change or cancellation. While supplies last, while time permits. Purchases must be made at Macy’s South Coast Plaza on 4/29/17


Happy Spring Everyone!


Photography by Shelly Waldman


*This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of Macy’s; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.