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Why Fashion Matters Now More Than Ever

Believe it or not, fashion matters now more than that it ever has. It’s a controversial statement to make considering the current state of the world as well as the state of our country. It’s no new news that what’s happening around us globally and nationally is taking...

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Get Fall Fabulous at Macy’s This September!

September is in full swing, and one of my favorite stops for up-to-the-moment fall fashion is Macy's.  As a stylist, I've always been a big proponent of finding the best style at great value.  And "style" for me is never about the literal fads and fashion.  Instead...

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How to Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

It's always a funny thing when it's still 90 degrees outside—like it is here in L.A.—and everyone is talking all about must-have fall fashions. It's so hard to imagine investing in wool right now—or a coat?! It's crazy hot out! And speaking of crazy, how nuts is it...

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Spreading infectious Love – Our Engagement Shoot Reveal!

When I feel helpless in scary times - I do the one thing I know how to do best. Spread infectious Love. Love that makes you feel. Love that makes you inspired. Love that makes you believe again. And most importantly, to spread love that gives you hope. But finding...

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Back to School, Glitter Run and More with Macy’s!

Who else loves the movie You've Got Mail as much as I do? It's the ultimate romantic comedy—Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, New York City, a fabulous soundtrack—sigh. I'm getting all misty just thinking about it. And one of my favorite moments in the movie happens to me when Joe...

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Timeless Must-haves for you Home

When Mike and I moved in together it was an exciting moment for me.  It gave me the opportunity to start with a clean slate of home style so that we could create one together.  And finding what items felt like "us" was such an interesting process.  Blending the "boy"...

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Express your Personal Style in your Home with Macy’s!

Psst...I have a secret to tell you! Are you ready? Here goes. Great personal style isn't just about your clothes. It's about your home, too.  Just like adding a bright accessory to an outfit can instantly energize your ensemble (and lift your mood and boost your...

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Must-Have Books for the Style Maven in You!

Ever find yourself looking for a good read, yearning to learn more about fashion, or just wanting to fill up that adorable book shelf you just got from the vintage store? Here are some of the best reads (in my opinion, at least!) that will give you a deeper look into...

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