It’s no secret that I absolutely love fall. From the warm, rich colors to the boots to the layers, it’s one of my favorite times of year. So—drumroll, please—I’ve rounded up my favorite trends for this season! Let me know which ones you’ll be trying.

Velvet  Velvet has made a strong comeback in the past few years, and remains at the top of our wearable trends list.  Try everything from structured velvet blazers to draped velvet blouses, camisoles and dresses.  Wear alone or layer them for a modern twist on the ’90s retro vibe.\

Camouflage  Consider this your new neutral. You can pair all olive variations with all the colors of the rainbow.  Try blush, rose, sky blue, mustard, red, navy and cream. They all look chic!

Head-to-toe red Lipstick red is back and in full force.  This trend is one to try because, well, why not stand out in a sea of black?! Try bold reds from your top to your shoes.  For a more subtle variation work with all wine tones, or even mix your lipstick red and wine together. Trust me, in this color you will be fall fabulous, wherever you go.

Embellished heels  Embellishments make a strong statement for fall, and they’re so fun, adding sparkle and flare to your favorite heels, flats and sandals.  Look for bows, crystal buckles, appliques, fur details, pearl details and more.  Have fun with your fall shoe choice—you’ll spark joy with every step.

Glitter boots  A pair of $10,000 crystallized, slouchy booties from the Saint Laurent runway is at the helm of this trend.  But don’t fret—you can this major runway trend and make it wearable by finding your own sparkle booties in a shape that suits you! Whether they are all-over glitter or just a flat metallic leather, this will be your ultimate nod to a runway trend in your wardrobe.

Bold graphic handbags Good-bye, boring handbags!  Have fun with this trend. From oversized bags to tiny clutches, bold patterned and graphic handbags are making a strong comeback and are perfect for a quick update to your wardrobe. Style a new handbag with last year’s fall favorites and you will have instant 2017 fashion forward style.

Modern pearls  Your grandmother’s pearls have been given an major fashion-forward update for fall 2017.  Whether they’re styled as details on a heel or in a mixed-media statement necklace, cuff or earring, add pearls fall must-haves. The best part is that they will stay chic through the holiday season and offer a modern ladylike tone for Spring.

Lux track suits  Matching jumpsuits from the 2000s have made a major comeback—but please don’t be pulling out your old Juicy Couture velour.  For fall 2017, track suits have gotten a modern, sexy update. Dress them down with a sneaker or up with a heel—and stick to a neutral color like navy or black and you can’t go wrong.

Belted coats  I love an updated coat for the fall season!  But this year take it one step further by styling belts over your buttoned coats. I love this style, as it defines the waist and flatters the figure, especially when you’re wearing a bulky jacket.  So when purchasing your fall and winter outerwear, ask yourself, “Can I put a belt over this?” Then go try it!  You’ll be oh-so-chic wherever you go.

Empowerment tees There’s nothing I stand behind more than a message of women’s empowerment, support and love.  So this very wearable trend is a must for your wardrobe. Find a message tee that strikes you and wear it with pride. The best part? You can style it with jeans, heels and a blazer, or a pencil skirt and knee high boots, or over a long sleeve silk blouse and trousers.  (I mean, why not?!  Style is all about your own personal creativity!)

P.S. I’ve been pinning away—so for even more fall trends, find me on Pinterest and be sure to check out my fall inspiration board.